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2012 Dirt 100: Maxxis Ardent 2.4 Exo

10:05 3rd May 2012 by Billy Thackray

The 2.2” version of the Ardent is a good tyre, but the extra width of this 2.4” transforms it into a great tyre.

As you’d expect the added volume gives you a welcome bit of extra suspension for when things get really rough, but the other added bonus is that you get a more aggressive edge for cornering. Despite being such a large tyre it’s still plenty light enough for trail riding, and it rolls pretty well too, but when we say trail riding don’t think pootling around a trail centre, this tyre is made for hitting real dirt hard.

In that respect it’s also definitely worth going for the ‘EXO’ sidewall version as it doesn’t add much weight but it helps massively when it comes to protecting against cuts. Definitely a great contender for dry enduro races.

Price: £47.99
One Industries Europe 0844 692 8111

  1. tr1cky

    Anyone ridden these that can compare to a spesh purgatory/ground control? Fancy giving them a try but don’t want to shell out if they don’t fit the bill…

  2. James Brown

    I have used these on 6″ AM bikes and also now on the front on my lont travel hard tail. They are good, fast rolling centre tread, with chunky cornering knobs.

  3. ben

    tr1cky i run ardents on my dh bike and i did a purgatory rear eskar front on my xc bike. the ardent is definatly more agressive than the purgatory and fairs much better on wet roots (but that may have been dh tire pressures compared to xc) they roll really well for a supertacky dh tire but having notput them on my xc bike i can really compared them directly to the purgaory as that obviuosly pedal way better anyway! i’d defintaly give them a go.

  4. nojzilla

    i went from Intense DH/909 to a pair of 2.4Ardents on my Furious. wieghed the tyres at work an saved nearly 3lbs!!!
    with that and the fast rolling centre tread my bike is a HELL of a lot faster!
    i would highly reccomend..

  5. Tepid

    Tried an Ardent a few years back and i liked it, however now thats summer is here, there is nothing, and i mean nothing that i’ve tried in the past that will get me off my Purgatory front, The Captain rear combo.

  6. The real slim fordy

    I’ve just plopped a 2.5 super tacky dual ply ust front and same 60a rear on me nomad for a trip
    the alps. Best allround combo I’ve used for harsh terrain. What’s the exo like as I’ve not used a tyre with it


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