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2011 Leogang World Cup Quali: Victor's 7-a-day

2011 Leogang World Cup Quali: Victor's 7-a-day

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Seven is a magic number. Photographer Victor Lucas brings us seven magical Leogang Bangers from Saturday qualifying and 4x final day

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  1. Atti

    Why isn’t it called Victor’s 77-a-day? :(

  2. billy

    If we all chip in a quid or so, I’m sure Vic would do 100 a day, what do you say?!

  3. Johan

    Hats of to Gwin for smoking the field on minions, didnt brendog do the same last year when i rode the butcher for the whole weekend and in even worser conditions.

  4. andi

    Graf was riding amazing today! Think he will be the next guy to watch after graves leaves 4x!

  5. Josh

    Gee Atherton wearing trousers?! :O

  6. cooke

    well it looks like brendon might be sitin in the hot seat for a wile if he goes as fast as he says he will


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