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2011 Dirt Fantasy League Winner Gets his Wheels

2011 Dirt Fantasy League Winner Gets his Wheels

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Phil Stephens won our 2011 Fantasy League competition and is now the proud owner of a spanking new Trek Session 88.

Stay tuned for some exciting 2012 Fantasy Downhill news coming soon!!!

Phil told us: “Just wanted to let you know that I took delivery of a shiny new 2012 Session 88 (yes, 88!!!) . She’s a beauty, what a great early Christmas present! I’d like to say a huge thank you to Chris at Trek for helping out and upgrading my prize when Trek couldn’t get hold of the Session 8 and also to all the guys at South Downs Bikes in Storrington for putting up with my “is it there yet???” phone calls and emails for the last few months. And of course to Dirt Magazine for fronting the competition in the first place.”

fantasy results

The final scores on the Fantasy doors from 2011.

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  1. TrekChris

    Thanks again for being such a star, Phil!

  2. joey

    super jealous, but congrats thats a great prize!

  3. Leon

    You lucky bastard!
    Must be well happy

  4. magnum

    Nice one – I’m only a little jealous :)

  5. Stuart

    Lucky Bugger!
    Well done Phil

  6. Jon P

    Looks like a Trek :-)

  7. Jimmy Fids

    Well done mate, got a free upgrade too!

    Those things ride super sweet so I’m sure you’ll love it

  8. Phil Stephens

    It’s not quite so clean any more….

  9. TimBud

    Nice one Phil. :)
    And an upgrade too.

  10. Carl

    Well done Phil and nice one trek:)

  11. Steve

    im still bitter about this… DAMN YOU SMALL PRINT!!!!!! (teamlickemout)

  12. 4xlego

    Can’t wait until 2012 fantasy league, Alex Bond will be making a appearance ?

  13. Adam Cosgrove



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