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2011 Dirt 100 Out Now

2011 Dirt 100 Out Now

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The gloriously lavish 2011 Dirt 100 is out now and is looking very swish indeed.
Just take a look at some of the glossy pages below without salivating and you’ll see what I mean. Packed with 100 (actually 101) of the ultimate mountainbike products for 2011 this really is a special edition.

The Good news is that Dirt subscribers will get this issue delivered to their door free of charge.

For the rest of you it will soon be available online at www.themagfactory.com, alternatively you can buy it at your local newsagents for £4.99

Or you can order by phoning the Dirt team on 0844 844 3790.











  1. tom

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, shiny coffee table/bog reading. what the hell is the saracen doing in there????

  2. Rick

    AAAAND what the hell is the saracen doing on the cover??

  3. geetee

    Each year this comes out I end up replacing all the components on my bike in order to make sure they are the same as the kit listed here.

    Sometimes I even change my bike altogether just to make sure I am riding something that’s listed in the Dirt100.

    OK ok I know I’m being a sarcy twat. I actually do enjoy wan… er I mean reading the Dirt100.

  4. Messy

    Nice one sending this to subscribers! Was gutted and confused when I found out I missed an issue last year :-)

  5. willysnow

    @rick and tom well its looking like a damn nice ride tbh. Bloody lovely bike

  6. ronin

    i know I own atleast one thing on this list…love my CCDB!

  7. Anoobis

    When it dropped through my door I was up till 2am reading it. true bike porn.
    And what with my 07 trance struggling with the stuff I put it through I can now plan the replacement build…
    But! Easton haven wheels don’t fit the 12mm axle on last herb AM!
    Parts to buy: last herb am, marz 44, pro II/flow rims, slx cranks (double+bash), x7 short mech, cheapy post to save for an uppy downy post.
    old parts bringing across: charge spoon, elite x4 stem, elite seat post, hope M4’s.

    A 145mm trail frame that can take a beating with coil forks for air weight. can’t wait.

  8. Zooom

    To be brutally honest it’s always the same stuff that goes in here… The most expensive stuff… however It truly is bike porn. Great photography.

  9. Zooom

    Does anyone actually think the Saracen Myst will sell either? it looks butt ugly and some of the spec is truly dire… Alivio/Sora, FSA cranks and own brand rims… Also they have to deal with the massively tarnished reputation aswell.. probably one of the toughest things to overcome

  10. ronin

    Zooom Superstar stuff is peanuts not caviar

  11. Zooom

    Aye I ken ronin. But im talking about the vast majority of the stuff in the mag

  12. Dom

    I don’t understand peoples problems with the Saracen, it’s not really about the spec is it, it’s the name you hate. The bike is designed around getting somebody young on the hill, somebody without a rich dad to fund their racing. The frame is sound, i see no problems with it! Spec, like with all bike is upgradable. Maybe it’ on the cover because Steve Jones & the Dirt guys know a thing or two more than you do & realize it’s potential. I can’t wait to see somebody rip straight past you on one! forum rant over!
    issue looks dope!

  13. ronin

    true enough zooom. It does puzzle me with my riding crew who will throw down big $$$ on a fork and say the CCDB cost too much. puzzling.

  14. Zooom

    Except that you havent taken into consideration the hours that alot of people who dont have rich parent put in in the work place in order to fund their hobby. There’s no denying that steve and the crew know alot more about bikes than me but it wasnt me that said that the Saracen shouldnt be on the cover. However myself I kind of expected the Summum to be on the cover. I beleive DIRT found that to be the best bike or the year. either that or the Morewood Makalu.

  15. Zooom

    +1 Ronin. I think it might just be because the CCDB and BOS Stoy are relatively new to the market and previously the top shocks were areound £400 where as its £700 for a CCDB with Titanium Spring (AFAIK)

  16. jc the gc

    if you look closely it says the saracen myst is under the BUDGET downhill section.and yeah, some people still go to school zooom, and cant work a full time job. I would’nt own a downhill bike except that some bike shop was selling a specialized big hit 1 for about the equivalent of 700-800 pounds. and i do have a part time job by the way, and i go to school. there needs to be more cheap downhill bikes like the saracen

  17. Longman23

    Please tell me International subscribers get it automatically aswell?

  18. joey

    when is dirt gonna consider Fox suspension actually being superior if not on par with other suspension brands.Boggles the mind!

  19. treehuggergraeme

    So awesome it’s free to subscribers this year!!!! thanks Dirt

  20. bobtjustice

    It better go to International subcribers. Or I will internationally unsubscribe!

  21. ed@dirt

    Joey…i think you’ll find 32’s, 36’s and Float RP23 are all in there.

  22. Anoobis

    ha ha joey – go and buy it and read it before assuming these things

  23. g

    Both the saracen myst and the ariel are amazing bikes at unbelieveable value, maybe once youve ridden one you can comment?

  24. Bez

    This subscriber is very happy. Thanks Dirt.

  25. B

    Will be interesting to see peoples opinions change once the Athys are on the Myst….

  26. Treehuggergraeme

    Typo on page 51. Sorry Jon I couldn’t resist….

  27. VonDH

    Picked my copy up today.sweet

  28. j

    “when is dirt gonna consider Fox suspension actually being superior if not on par with other suspension brands.Boggles the mind!”

    I should imagine just as soon as they start making suspension that is.

  29. VonDH

    Thought i left my copy ontop of the car while driving off,alsmost had kittens.


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