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2010 YETI DJ Premier Gander

2010 YETI DJ Premier Gander

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

It’s no secret that Jared Graves annihilated (well most of the time) the opposition at this year’s world cup four-cross rounds. He simply out gated and outclassed everyone. Graves has looked like the man to beat for a couple of seasons and YET(i) it has taken until now for him to become world champion. So what made the difference? Was it that lady luck just blew a kiss his way, or did the 2010 DJ prototype YETI that Graves was riding make the difference?, and would this bike make a difference to the ‘grass roots’ type racer?

2010 YETI DJ.

(Black Beauty)

Words:Steve Walker
Photos:Andy Dunwoody

If I’m totally honest I have never been a massive fan of the 09 YETI DJ.  After loaning Lionel Akrims (Evolution’s team rider) for the day at the Redhill four-cross track I wasn’t overly impressed. The fact is, along with the likes of Tom Gethin and the rest of the Redhill mob, we preferred the Santa-Cruz Jackal and the titanium Charge that were also hanging around on that hazy summers day. All different in their own way, but when sat on the national pro gate each sharing the same intention, to win……


After Stu King (Evolution Imports) dropped the ‘black beauty’ off the first thing was to place it on the butchers hook. Appearances can be deceiving. The frame looked heavy. This is partly due to the square section seat tube and beautifully sculpted box section rear end. You can’t help initially thinking that this frame, considering it’s a race bike, looks massively overbuilt. The test bike provided was dressed in XT group set, FOX forks, DT SWISS wheels with NOBBY NICKS being the rubber contact patches on the floor. The scales read 27 pounds with dx clip-less pedals. A respectable weight considering the lightest four cross race bike to ever adorn the ‘big red scale’ was a custom built titanium, Charge with full XTR group set, carbon mono mini pros, Reba bolt through forks etc, etc which came in at the 25 pound mark.


A respectable weight then, but how does it ride? The first thing you notice is that when you stomp on the pedals from a standing start the YETI takes off similar to a Porsche 911. It is without doubt the most positive pedalling bicycle I have ever ridden. I’d go as far to say that it would more than likely out sprint my 20” Intense podium which in theory shouldn’t happen. However when putting the 26” Yeti against the 20” Intense the rear triangles look very similar, which explains why the ‘black beauty’ would leave the gate like a greyhound on steroids.


It cannot be underestimated the time that has gone into creating the rear end on this bike in terms of hard-tail frame design and the fact that you can adjust the chain stay length for different tracks is what most racers have been waiting for. The frame oozes the usual Yeti workmanship that people come to expect from the brand and has been well designed and thought out.


The bike passed the half mile manual test on its second attempt and went from grove to cul de sac as quickly as any bike can.

On the tarmac of suburbia the yeti was a flying machine. However it needed to be taken to dirt, wall to wall jumps, bumps and root. It also needed the skills of a World Cup four-cross racer to find the limits of the bike. So off it went with Scott Roberts to the DIRT four cross test track.

Here’s what he thought.

“The Yeti Dirt Jump bike is a replica of Jared Grave’s World Championship bike and it’s a bit a like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The frame weight is 5pounds. It would make an ok jump bike but it’s really designed for flat bollock out four-cross racing and world cup Four-cross race tracks. Picking the bike for the first time you instantly notice the front end, even with its 1 ½ head tube lower cup, seems really light, hence why this thing feels ‘TAIL’ heavy. The big head tube really makes the front end stiff so it tracks really well in the corners, with the seat tube resembling something off the Forth road bridge making the bike feel exceptionally stiff with zero flex. This is one solid bike.”


“Rear drop outs are fully adjustable with over 25mm of adjustment which makes setting it up for a single speed (if you so choose) simple. Tyre clearance is good and wide enough to fit in a 2.35 tyre which is ample space for what most people would ever need.”

“Where this bike, in my opinion really excels is out the gate.  It’s just instant drive. It will without doubt out gate any other frame out there. The 2010 YETI needs launch control such is the sheer speed and acceleration of this bike.”


“In the corners its rails the berms with ease, there is adjustment on the rear drop outs should you want to play with the length of the chain stay depending on your personal preference and the nature of the course your thrashing.”

“I did feel that the medium test size we had was a little small, but Yeti offer three sizes this year so there should be one to suit your height or riding style. If you like your bikes small, like a blown up BMX this could be the bike for you. I will say that I personally think this is an out and out race bike. It wouldn’t be my choice of bike for hacking around the woods on unless your riding is super smooth (similar to Jared’s) or you have titanium knee joints, but if you’re  a racer and you race to win, then smash the piggy bank and head to your nearest YETI dealer.”


So, would I buy one? No and yes.

The No being the fact that I’m nearly forty and my knees are kind of shot, such is the brutality (a little harsh, but none the less true) of the YETI over rough ground. Don’t let the fact that I’m old and past it put you off because after a day of passing the ‘black beauty’ around the more able bodied (and younger) of the U.K. four cross community at Chicksands, most, if not all were willing to trade comfort for speed. Another no factor may be the cost. This frame ain’t cheap. But saying that I and everyone else who rode it, ranging from world cup racer to Sunday rider thought it was like no other hard-tail they had ever ridden. Most liked it, some loved it and some didn’t.

Now the YES part.

If your gate is poor or you are just looking for that bit of an edge then look no further, this is the bike for you. The 2010 YETI DJ will without doubt help you, me, anyone leave the trap quicker than your current bike. From a racers point of view this is without doubt your weapon of choice as anyone who races four-cross knows how important the gate and the first straight are. If you are ‘in it’ to ‘win it’ ‘Black Beauty’ should be the first and foremost bike you wheel out of the stable. Just make sure you’ve had your cod liver oil capsule with your breakfast before you leave…………….


Frame: £699.00

Contact Evolution Imports– 02082900807

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  1. Aaron

    Nice review, good pics…surprised Dirt didn’t save this for the magazine. Now I wanna see how those dropouts work…

  2. amplus taren brasil


  3. The Baker

    Top review Butcher with good photos, I now want one!

  4. MD

    I can’t wait for mine now……

  5. Morgan

    I was one of the many who had a spin on this at Chicky and I have to say I didn’t get on with it. For starters, if you ride flats then be prepared to rub your heels on the massive dropuout/chainstay area. It seemed only skinny race clip shoes were the only ones not to do this – my fivetens nearly took the paint off in the carpark.
    As mentioned before this thing is SHORT – great for quick gates yes, but unless you have a low fork and bar fitted you’ll be power wheelieing everywhere. And if you do have short forks fitted (as this one did) then the head angle seems super steep. With WC courses getting steeper, faster and rougher, surely a slacker angle would be better.
    And the weight. I was surprised to feel the heft in the frame when picking it up. It’s stiff and strong for sure, but it is noticeably heavier than other alu 4X frames.
    Overall I’d say if you want one go ahead and get one. But have a test ride first as you’ll probably be better off with a longer one than you’re used to. Or better still get a short one and use it as a super strong and agile DJ bike; as the name suggests

  6. The candlestick maker

    Your never happy are you more guns, you said the new krisis was way to light and this is 1LB heavier and it’s too heavy. Stick with your steel beast and 3″ rise bars then :p

  7. Tom Gethin

    Uhhh morgan…they just did the test they didnt need another write up!!! 😛

    Lets be fair, i rode this down the track, and apart from feeling rather short in the top tube, it was so so responsive to any movement you made. You need to be a precise rider to make full use of the stiffness etc. Buy it if you have the money, if you dont buy a Flow!!!

    Who wants to start a petition to get DIRT to do alot more write ups and tests on 4x bikes, ridden by the national 4x community…?? please.

  8. yetihenry

    Morgan its a 4x race bike, clip in to win.

  9. dom barden

    im in on the petition gethin :) you see barly eny 4x bikes on test.

  10. J-dizzle fo shizzle

    I agree with Gethdawg, he’s a pro fo’ sheezy.

    Since when was a 5lb frame heft?!

  11. Matthew Way

    I agree with tom! 4x is mtb racing how it should be! And in my opinion, the most exciting to watch! Now it’s getting more coverage on tv than dh is, I think it deserves to have more features like this. And for people that live in the less mountainous parts of the world like me where a ‘long’ dh track is about a minute long at the most, 4x bikes are spot on! You can thrash them down a dh track, ride trails, bmx tracks, skateparks and even xc if you really want! and of course 4x :S

  12. ronin

    how about a banshee rampant or morewood ndiza for a 4X squishy bike review next?

  13. Simon Elcocks

    Nice words “Butch”…We’re all past it fella, thats why we’re on Blender’s.

  14. danielFoX

    The bad part of being a serious rider and being sponsored by someone is that you cannot drop what you are riding and get some “black beauty” … damm it!!

    I raced Jared last weekend in Toowoomba, Australia and it was incredible the gap he can make with just two strokes out of the gate.

    Yeti forgot to add some UCI rainbow colours somewhere on the frame. I reckon that would have been something to make this bike even cooler and make it even more special than it already is.

    Excellent review!

  15. Chris Roberts

    Good work Butcher, Great review it should have been in the magzine, get on to Dirt and do some more. whats next a cheaper 4X frame/bike or what a about a short travel bike?

  16. Hardtail lover

    Interesting the way everyone loves this bike because Graves wins on it. Is it the perfect 4X bike – or is the rider the ultimate advertising campaign?
    Could it be that Graves is just a better rider than everyone else? If he won the world cup on a Apollo would everyone rush out and but them claiming that they’re the perfect race bike? Somehow I doubt it.
    Still, it looks damn sexy, and I’d consider one if I had the money.
    C’mon Dirt, get with the program. UK riders are screaming out for more “real life” bike tests, on bikes that they’ll ride everyday without having to re-mortgage the house for. 4X is going to blow up bigger than DH – Dirt should be getting the bandwaggon rolling.

  17. billy

    Hardtail Lover, give me a list of bikes you’d like to see tested here and I’ll see what I can do.

  18. 'Organic' Lewis

    Lol Morgan clips his heels cos he rides bow legged! I defo had a go on it and it was responsive, pretty light and stuff. I wouldn’t buy one cos I’m not cool enough to have a Yeti :(. Cool review though and let us test some more stuff!!

  19. Matthew Way

    I think some cool possible future features could be the Intense Tazer hardtail, Charge Blender (Cunny’s one looks like a pretty sick build), MDE Keeper 4x and the Sunn Forest.

  20. John Doe


  21. billy

    Ha Ha John Doe. Why not send me an email and I could easily tell you?

  22. Christiaan


    Yeti DJ 2010(done)
    Intense Tazer HT(Maybe production against one of the CRC team ones, as they are different, and look way better!)
    Tazer VP FRO
    Charge Blender Ti
    Yeti 4X
    Commencal Absolut 4X
    Commencal Absolut 4X Ti (Drool)

  23. Joe Billingham

    Good work Walker, looks good, review is really good, loving the bike, would have been good in the mag, some more four cross sections in the mag would be good too.

  24. Pat

    I just wanted to post this…what I found on Ebay…..dunno if anyone still knows it but its wicked to find this once so much wanted bike here on ebay (its the german ebay by the way)


  25. RSfrank

    Which model of Fox forks are these?

  26. Shooby

    Given they’re Qr nad not QR15’s I’ll take a stab and say 32 Floats.. On the fork theme, 100mm is the recomended travel, is this pre or post travel do you think. I mean they give all the frame geo angles with a 100mm fork. Assuming a min of 20-25mm of sag…. maybe I’m over thinking this :P.

    BTW this is one sweet frame. Yes I’m biased, Yes I own one :)

  27. goudie

    mines on back order!!!!!!

    evolution imports say about 2 weeks!!!!

    soon… i shall out sprint all!!!

  28. batesie

    The Mondraker Dualen 2010 is an awesome frame, and the Transition Bank is another to test and compare to the Yeti…

  29. Mad_Dog

    “If your gate is poor or you are just looking for that bit of an edge then look no further”

    I would say look at your body position on the gate and do some dead lifts would be a better start!


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