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2010 THE ONE Full Face helmets

2010 THE ONE Full Face helmets

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Pete from Silverfish just beamed over the range of THE 2010 lids, have a look and see what you think.

The composite lids are £149 while the carbon jobs are £229.

Read on:

THE Industries are one of the worlds leading manufactures of cycle products, armour and helmets, as such they produced some of the most popular full face designs of 2009. These designs could be seen topping countless MTB and BMX podiums the world over cementing them as the full face of choice for both amateur and professional competitors alike.

The New Year is just around the corner and many riders and racers are already planning 2010 wanting to look their best whether it is on the start line of a race or at their local woods. With this in mind Silverfish UK is pleased to announce the arrival of the 2010 THE range of ‘ONE’ helmet designs which all offer,

• 10 NEW Designs
• Carbon or Composite Shell Construction
• 15 Air Vents
• 4 vent channels
• A Dual EPS Liner
• NEW Dry Cool Removable Liner
• Stainless Steel Double-D Ring Closure
• Exceeds CPSC and CE standards
• All Helmets Come with A Matching Spare Visor & Helmet Bag

You can view the full range of 2010 helmets now at www.Silverfish-uk.com and pre-order at your local THE dealer now for delivery in November.

01752 843882

  1. pascal

    phu lucky me. i bought a 2008 edition.

  2. Sh!tBear

    Oh dear. I was looking forward to some more superb designs. These are poor, and the finish looks terrible. Hopefully they look better in the flesh!

  3. gman

    awesome lids, love the throwback.

  4. George

    Think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  5. Troy Lee

    These look so good I’m sacking all of my designers!!!

    Lots of love

    Troy x x

  6. Roger

    That throwback is the mutts nutts!

  7. jimbo22

    The last two years they have offered the best designs around and were really original. I love my zebra stripe offering. This year is a real let down!

  8. Tracey

    Is this a dirtbike helmet


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