2010 Dirt Team news

Well it has been shrouded in mystery, but it is true, there will be a Dirt race team for 2010.

Ben Reid and Dan Stanbridge will be representing Dirt onboard Norco bikes giving you the “Dirt Norco Race Team”

All we can say now is watch this space. Stanny, Ben and Ali (team mechanic) have been working hard to organise everything from sponsorship to kit design, and the fitting out of a 26ft team bus.

Everyone here at Dirt HQ is excited about the team and once everything is finalised (kit designs are almost finished and will be released along with a list of co-sponsors very soon) you’ll be the first to know.

Ben Reid, Ali Beckett (Mechanic) and Dan Stanbridge discussing things inside the new team bus.

Here she is, ThunderTruck Mk II. Just wait till the lads pimp this mutha up.

Reidy wastes no time at all ripping the internals out of the old girl.