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2010 Dirt Team news

2010 Dirt Team news

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Well it has been shrouded in mystery, but it is true, there will be a Dirt race team for 2010.

Ben Reid and Dan Stanbridge will be representing Dirt onboard Norco bikes giving you the “Dirt Norco Race Team”

All we can say now is watch this space. Stanny, Ben and Ali (team mechanic) have been working hard to organise everything from sponsorship to kit design, and the fitting out of a 26ft team bus.

Everyone here at Dirt HQ is excited about the team and once everything is finalised (kit designs are almost finished and will be released along with a list of co-sponsors very soon) you’ll be the first to know.


Ben Reid, Ali Beckett (Mechanic) and Dan Stanbridge discussing things inside the new team bus.


Here she is, ThunderTruck Mk II. Just wait till the lads pimp this mutha up.


Reidy wastes no time at all ripping the internals out of the old girl.

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  1. Steve

    Sickkk :)

  2. Jah

    Awesome news… hope all goes well.

  3. Maximilian

    No “Just Reid” team this year? Hm! I’ve actually just noticed Brayton on the O’Neal roster; wonderin’ what bike he’ll be on this season! Otherwise, I hope to see Ben back in a TLD lid (as the trucker hat in the picture may be suggesting), since the last D2 I’ve seen on him looked kinda proper. 😉 And I’m also sure that this season people will be seeing new ways to tune their gravity Norco’s using files and drills!

    Great news! Good luck, boys!

    (Oh, mentioning the Dirt Mag racing team, what’s up with Jones and Breakwell? How and where are they? Will they be still racing?)

  4. TC

    Why has the bus got brick walls ?

  5. ddmonkey

    Is the body of the team bus made of brick? Not good for fuel consumption as it chugs around Europe!

  6. Will Park

    Whos brayton going to ride for now,any one know ?????

  7. nathan

    NORCO! come on

  8. No21

    Norco? Jeeez, I hope they’re paying you…

  9. steve

    Norco – come on dirt! thats a step back. You guys at dirt have used Intense since day one. That norco bike is horrendous.

  10. Dan

    NOrco is one of the best out there with there proven and “licensed” FSR design from Specialzed, the original free ride bike from North America (CANADA to be more precise) GO team Dirt, i’m sure Ben will be more then happy to ride these bike and win on them,

  11. Darren

    I’ve been racing a Norco frame since 05 and it’s quick, easily up there with the Spesh and Sam Hill’s doing alright on that! Stop worrying about the kit, we all know it’s the riders that win the races. Best of luck to Ben, Dan and the rest of the Dirt team. I can’t wait for the new season to start.

  12. Jack

    Great news, best of luck to everyone involved!

  13. Max Robinson

    looks like wood (fencing type) not brick. maybe just temporary?

  14. cycloholic

    Here’s to a crackin’ season – Keep ‘er lit!

  15. Jamie

    No fools! The truck is in a garage/shed thingy and that’s what the brick is, through the gaps in the sides of the truck. GO TEAM DIRT!! :)

  16. rusty

    which series you guys racing?

  17. tom

    ahh i see now you mentioned the garage/shed.
    First time i looked at it i thought they had clad the inside with wood. Looks a bit of a tip but sure that can be well and truely pimped.

  18. matteo

    and ralph jones?

  19. Alvin Juniper

    That brick van is dope.

  20. Rufus

    I love the sign about seating arrangements, either you sit in a seat or a wheelchair, or something in between, but definately NO standing! LOLZ!

    Good luck there guys! So cool to do it properly, with a bus and all. Hopefully this’ll give Reid the boost he needs to get in there!

  21. Aaron
  22. Michael


  23. Jon

    If you need any kit I work in the caravan industry. There’s a great discount on Duck Tap at the mo!

  24. Jamboy

    Good luck Ben et all. Love the beardo weardo


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