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2010 Dirt 100 Special Edition

2010 Dirt 100 Special Edition

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Bikes, frames, suspension, rolling stock, cockpit, transmission and kit…the 2010 Dirt 100 Special Edition has them all.

Seductively shot in a fashion house style by one of the countries leading magazine photographers, the 2010 Dirt 100 is more than  just a product guide, it’s a work of art that will enhance any coffee table,  book shelf or gallery and infuse you with desire.

We will be featuring one product a day for the next 100 days on the homepage to give you a teasing, titillating, taster as to what’s on offer.

Also why not check out the 2009 Dirt 100 archive?

The 2010 Dirt 100 is available today in all good newsagents, bike shops and art galleries.


Choosing the top 100 products for 2010 has been a tricky old game. Having to cut down thousands of components, frames and complete bikes to just the 100 best is near impossible. But we asked ourselves two simple questions about the products on the list: are they the best, and if we had the money would we buy them ourselves? Both questions are open to interpretation, but we had to try and set some basic ground rules. We all know that money does matter and that if you are going to spend large amounts on something then you want to make sure that it is ‘money well spent’, that it is the right choice. There is nothing worse than being won over by the latest fad or wonder material only to find out that it is all hype and marketing. But unfortunately it seems to be the case that if you want the best, you normally have to pay for it. It is difficult.

Working out what is value for money is also tricky. Take something like the legendary Chris King headset. At around £110 it might sound like a lot for a headset, but it comes with a 10 year guarantee. So if you do a quick bit of maths…that works out at just only £11 a year. Mine has been on three different bikes over the last five years and is still running strong. So it is worth investing in quality products.

And what of 2009? It was meant to be a year of belt tightening, scrimping and saving, watching the pennies and generally just ‘not spending any money’….make do and mend. An austere year, if you like. So it is refreshing, and brave, of a company to bring out a £300 one–piece, ten speed cassette! And not only that, but you’ll need to buy the compatible mech and shifter. But you have to applaud SRAM, they are leading here, and you can be sure that others will follow. We like to call this the Trickle Down Effect. Much as Shimano have done with their top of the range XTR crankset…the crème de la crème, a beautiful piece of design, craftsmanship and engineering…but for many just way too expensive. So what do Shimano do? They use everything they have learnt with XTR and feed it through to their lower groupsets, so that you end up with something like SLX, quality at a reasonable price.

The arguments over what are the best products will go on forever, but as I said last year, bikes and components are better than they have ever been. We really have never had it so good.


Mike Rose.


  1. RvdH

    Will subscribers get this issue????

  2. John

    That Dirt 100 2009 archive is unrivalled, I like what you’ve done! Cannot wait for this new bad boy

  3. billy

    RvdH, I think subscribers will have to buy this issue seperately.

  4. Callum

    Is there going to be a photo issue this year,if so will subscribers get that?

  5. Spudreau

    Does sports illustrated make it’s Subscribers purchase the swinsuit issue separately? Forget the end caps or T-shirt… send us the DIRT 100 issue ! Last year it was mint and I will buy it straight away, but perhaps next season reward the loyal minions(42a) of dirt!

  6. el capitan

    How would the colonists in the States get a copy?

  7. Andy

    Just nipped down to the ol’ WH Smiths and got my copy. Mint!! :)

    Although the kit section pages in my copy haven’t been cut properly at the printers…lazy b******s! Perforated paper hell.

  8. Sexton

    Any chances for subscribers to get it? If not what’s the point of subscribing? Like Sprudeau said forget about the shirt or end cap and reward the loyal subscribers with this fine piece of art!!! Cheerz

  9. rhys

    anybody know if we can purchase online? cant seem to find any website selling it yet.

  10. Graham


  11. Norbert

    Second the online purchase question. If not available for subscribers where can I buy it if I live far away from the UK

  12. billy

    Rhys and Norbert, we’re just fixing the online purchase page now, should be up in the next few days. I’ll let you know when it’s good to go.

  13. jimmy_finland

    Nice one Billy, thanks

  14. moist

    retail price?

  15. billy


  16. Rufus

    Yeah 4.99 in the UK, the taxes and postage, should come to about 15 quid by the time I get one…
    Love the mag, but don’t see why this isn’t included in the subscription…
    Next time I renew I would like the option: 12 months w/o special ed, or 12 months with… hmm wonder which subscription most people would get.

  17. Bezlei

    I agree with the comments about subscribers. I complained about this to Dirt last year, and got no where. They could at least give us a ‘cost only’ price.

  18. treehuggergraeme

    Sorry dirt, love you, but this year’s Dirt 100 will no doubt be another complete waste of money… it should be included in the subscription as an additional 13th yearly issue (not replacing an exisiting month)…. I understand you’ll probably make a few quid from teenagers needing their next bikeporn fix, and no doubt this dirt 100 is will be a complete work of art (props to Jon) but seriously i’d rather go spend that £4.99 towards something in that mag

  19. magic

    Why don’t you guys put it on your webite that subscribers are not getting it? Last year I was waiting for my copy to arrive and when I eventually found out that is not coming, it was already gone! And by the way, I cannot find it anywhere, no one has it (been to numerous WH Smiths and other retaileres that usually stock it) in London area. What is oing on? Wasted probably 20 liters of petrol trying to find it… Anyone else?

  20. Rufus

    Yeah I couldn’t get the mag last year, and won’t be able to this year either. I am gutted about that.
    All that work for only some of the readers, and us, the subscribers, your true, loyal fans, losing out.
    It’s a shame!

  21. RabtheDug

    Got the 100mag last year and has been a bike product reference for the last 12 month. Cannot find it anywhere this year. Definitely not happy. nope. not happy. In fact not having bike porn during this tremendous weather is too much. Expect a jobby in the festive post.

  22. PASCAL

    is this issue going to be repressed?
    the mag factory says it’s out of stock.

  23. 2002Patriot

    Very nice bike porn…

    I picked mine up from Borders in NYC this afternoon. Very happy to see Orange – they never get a mention in the lightweight US magazines…

  24. Richard

    Where do you get a copy of the Dirt 100 2010.

    It is not in newsagents, many wont get it in because they cant sell enough copies and your subscription service sucks, hence why I didn’t renew as I had copies go AWOL, 2009 Dirt 100 never turned up and didn’t get my freebies for subscribing either despite calling up 3 times about them – so gave up.

    Why do you sell it online or produce an e-zine.

    All the chain bikes shops, specially in central London are run and operated by muppets who dont know a knobby from a slick and a road bike from commuter bike being generous here! and they dont have em either.

    How bout it – online, copy by copy sales….



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