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2009 World Cup Photography:Hoshi Yoshida

2009 World Cup Photography:Hoshi Yoshida

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Photographer Hoshi Yoshida has uploaded a ton of great 2009 World Cup photos to his Dirt portfolio all taken on a LEICA M6 with Ilford Delta 400 black / white film.

Sit down for ten minutes with a cup of tea and reminisce with Hoshi’s Portfolio

Here’s a teaser of some of the behind the scenes evocative, emotive images.






Also check out theHoshi Yoshida website.

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  1. MatMoy

    Wondeful pics, but your f*****g gallery system made me puke and close the window… make something please. There’s so many galleries that works without scrolling out there…

  2. Martidog

    Oooooh scrolling hahaha the thot of it, my god so 2000&late. Mat calm doon take some petobismol <or woteva you call it.

  3. Billy Trailstar

    Gaviscon also works well, but you’re are right the gallery needs work…anybody good at that sort of thing?!


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