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Enduro World Series rd#1 Punta Ala Prologue Results

18:20 18th May 2013 by Billy Thackray

Alex Cure and Anne-Caroline Chausson win the prologue stage at EWS rd#1 Punta Ala.

The Enduro World Series kicked off with a sprint through the wet slippery Italian streets for the Prologue. But it’s into the woods tomorrow for the real action.

Top 5 Men:
1/ Alex Cure 37.8
2/ Fabian Barel 38.0
3/ Cedric Gracia 38.1
3/ Martin Maes 38.1
5/ Nicolas Vouilloz 38.8
5/ Nicolas Lau 38.8
5/ Nicolas Quere 38.8

Top 3 women:
1/ Anne Caroline Chausson 43.7
2/ Emmeline Ragot 44.3
3/ Tracy Moseley 48.1

Dan Atherton 13th, Al Stock 24th, Adam Craig 28th, Joe Barnes 29th, Greg Callaghan 42nd, Neil Donoghue 45th.

From Twitter:
@chaussonacc Prologue finish, 1st place, good show downtown. Now time to be focus on the real race. Tomorow. Hard day. Broapppp


For full results click www.enduroworldseries.com/results.php

Kona’s Al Stock came a respectable 24th, this is what it looked like through his eyes.

  1. Leon

    What does the 37.8 and that represent ? 37.8 minutes?

    1. billy

      37 seconds. It was only a quick dash around the town centre. Proper stages in the woods kick off tomorrow.

  2. Dirt

    Any word from Mcknight on how he got on? I must be missing him on the list!

  3. billy

    Not sure if he raced, his ‘gammy infected leg’ was playing up. Poor chap!

  4. jimmy hardtail

    I see our current DH world champ is down in 61st place!

  5. Stooky

    Is this just for seeding or does it count at the end?

  6. Tony Yuretich

    Nicolas is doing alright

  7. Cool+Hand+Luke

    I think the rain made more of a difference here as opposed to how much it would affect the trails. Some odd results there, Anne Caro is a machine!

  8. Adam+Hicks

    The prologue counts as part of the overall time as well as part of seeding.

    I’m also confused though, the onboard with Al Stock is pretty much bang on 1min between what appears to be start and finish so where were the timing beams? I can’t believe that was a practice run and he took 20s of, if so, fair play!


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