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Dirt Magazine Issue#131 Out now-ish!

Dirt Magazine Issue#131 Out now-ish!

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Dan Atherton boosting the quarry for the latest Four by Three Atherton video. Little known fact, this is Steve Jones’ first Welsh cover shot.

James McKnight talks about his Devinci Wilson SL Carbon in a pub in Bristol with a tipsy local.

Steve Jones discusses the mystical art of “Flow”.

Six DJ riders go on a French roadtrip with little or no planning but lots of baguettes.

Plus loads and loads more!

  1. ronin

    that.is.a great cover.

  2. Margarita

    that quarry is fucking savage. makes me wanna learn how to boost

  3. James

    Jones’s Flow article is an absolute classic. Right up there with the trail bike super test in 103.

    1. Dave

      What, you mean another of Jones’ William Burroughs-esque stream of consciousnesses that is best read after a cocktail of mind enhancing alternative substances or 12 double expressos???

      1. Ed

        Little-known fact #2: Steve Jones co-authored Burroughs’ seminal work The Naked Lunch…

      2. jimbob

        I’m sure he had some input into The Ticket That Exploded…

    2. Anoobis

      Agree with all that James. Also the Trans Province bike build.

  4. Machete

    I love Jones…..(in small doses;)

  5. Messy

    That Senna quote at the top of the flow article is bang on. If I’m riding well, I often get to the bottom of a run and can’t remember anything that happened at all during it. Just that it must have been a quick one… Guess that’s why we do it, nothing else gives that sort of rush.

  6. Hancock

    Merry christmas Dirt guys!

  7. Jamazepam

    Loved the flow article. Perfect bath reading material. Commencal review was good to, another 29er for the list. No sure about Ali Todd’s bike testing credentials though. I’d read mbuk if I wanted a normal review. Just my opinion.

  8. Down n Dirty

    Is there a Android app plan for the near future?.

  9. Hancock

    The Senna quote matches up very neatly with that photo of Hill at Val di Sol 08. Not least because the both of them ended up getting distracted for a moment, losing their flow and eating dirt (or Monaco barrier in Senna’s case). Handing a nailed on win to someone with a bit less flow, but more conscious thought…
    Maybe there’s space for Jonesy to pontificate for a couple of paragraphs about the fickle and treacherous nature of ‘that place’ that every sportsman aims to get their mind to?


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