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Dirt Magazine Issue #127 out now

Dirt Magazine Issue #127 out now

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

All this and more in Dirt #127!

  1. Eoin

    Got it for a long haul flight and read it through! Some great articles and I am now seriously considering a YT-industries bike (160mm tho, not the DH).

  2. JB

    Got my YT Tues 2.0 in June. Chuffing love it. Sold the sunday with no regrets.
    Had to change the Kenda Nevegals (single wall no protection)though, set of Muddy Marys went on instead.

  3. Benji

    Gents – just a thought. When you send me a subscription renewal offer how about you give enough time for it to actually reach me before it expires. The cut off date had already passed two weeks before I got the letter. Runs about the same as the mag for international subscribers – I tend to get my issue just as the next one is released, so I’d say the mail takes a month to get to us.

  4. Tim

    Hi Dirt, when can I expect the new issue to show on my iPad? Is there a way to refresh the app or should it come through automatically?

  5. billy

    Hey Tim, I’ll ask the boffins about that one.

  6. Tim

    Thanks Billy, much appreciated. Previously it has come through automatically quite recently after the print mag is released. This time it has still not come through almost a week later. Does it take longer to beam over to Switzerland via the world wide interweb?

  7. Tim

    Feel free to email me if its a lengthy answer…

  8. billy

    Tim, quick answer is that it should appear as soon as the print edition is available. But it could be that Arthur who is in charge of uploading the digital copy has overlooked things. I’ll give Arthur another shout to see what the hold ups were, a week late is a bit poor I know!

    1. Tim

      Thanks Billy. If only Arthur knew the significance and grandeur of the job that has been bestowed upon him. Thousands of mountain bikers across the globe are waiting eagerly to read the review of the new Gambler on their digital devices…

      1. billy

        Ah, Arthur reckons he’s fulfilled his end of the bargain, now he’s telling me to chase up the PixelMag folk. You’ll get your Gambler review soon Tim!

      2. billy

        Well Trevor at Pixelmags says it was only due to go live on the 28th. Looks like we need to synchronise the mag and digital release date!

  9. GEORGES Laurent

    Bonjour,est il possible de m envoyer la photo sans le titre “MEGA” du DIRT mag 127 ,celle du d├ępart de la mega 2012…?
    merci d’avance.
    Hello, is it possible to send me the picture with the title “MEGA” the DIRT mag 127, that the start of the 2012 mega …?
    thank you in advance.
    Georges L

  10. Tim

    Hi Billy, all came through that night on the Ipad, thanks for your help!


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