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Dirt Magazine Issue #124

12:38 23rd May 2012 by Billy Thackray

Quick preview of the new issue.



OK, so you should have noticed straight away that there have been a few changes with the mag. The most obvious being the size and format, we’ve gone a bit shorter. Why? Well…err…we fancied a change…and we wanted to improve the quality of the paper that we print on. Over the last few years paper prices have rocketed, so much so that we have had to drop the grade of the paper we have been using…and that’s not right. The feel and the quality of the magazine is massively important, and the old stuff just wasn’t ‘doing it’ for us. So a smaller size and a bit of juggling has meant that we can now use better paper. And, coincidently, the new format is better suited to our iPad version of the magazine. We’ve been amazed by the numbers of iPad subscribers we have. Is it the future? We’ll have to see about that.

We’ve also made a few changes with the content of Dirt. With the ever–present onslaught of the internet, and all the good things it can offer, we have decided to switch things around a little. The magazine will become more feature based, articles will be able to have a bit more space to breathe (there’s still nothing like a big photo printed in a magazine is there?). We will still have bike tests and our Hammered section (now renamed ‘Wear and Tear’), but most of our product stuff (what was once called Fresh Produce) will be online. We can use more photos, embed videos, use graphics and have more space to write about products online. We can give you more information, and we can do this as soon as the products come through the door rather than a month down the line. And of course you can have your say (immediately) in our comments box at the bottom of each article. We have a lot of plans for our online content, and we really believe that the magazine and website can work hand in hand.

This may sound a bit corporate, but how people consume information these days is changing rapidly. We have to constantly look at what we do and how we can react to these changes. We have to ask ourselves some tough questions…I mean, will magazines still be around in five or ten years? We have to be flexible. We are lucky here at Dirt that we can react quickly to stuff as it happens, so we are in a strong position. They do say that a change is as good as a rest.
But enough of this, we also have to remember that the reason we all do this is because of our love for bikes and riding. Without those two wheels Dirt would be nothing. Enjoy the mag.

Mike Rose.

  1. ART

    I like it.

  2. Ronin

    Long live Dirt.

  3. Hancock

    Fresh produce and the product copy is out of the mag!?
    More features and stuff ‘about riding’ is the way forward, now excuse me while I leg it to the shops.

  4. gray

    Yeah…long live in ‘magazine’ format!
    Fu*k the internet.
    Yes i knows its fantastic, the future, embrace the technology and all that bolloxs but its seems sometimes, that its taking over ya brain!
    So ya cant beat the relief of picking up an actual magazine, sloping off to some quiet corner, the shithouse or where ever, and flicking through the pages. Then put the porn mag down and grab a dose of Dirt…bliss!

  5. Ben

    This all sounds great to me. You guys at Dirt magazine can’t put a foot wrong as far as I’m concerned. Dirt is a thousands times better than those other big uk mags. They really are shit, they just recycle the same dross every month and over process all the photos. Dirt rules!!!

  6. TimBud

    Change is always exciting.
    Looking forward to this new Dirt pooping through my door.

  7. churchie

    When will mine drop through the letter box?

  8. MrPlow

    Just wondering why my subscriptions are taking so long to arrive these days? I live in Aus. It used to get to me a few days after UK release. Now I only just got #123 this week?

  9. DownhillDan

    Is it just me that read, less paper, bigger pictures and ‘more space to breathe’-(less words) as less for our money?

    I’ll wait til i’ve got my copy before completely passing judgement but until then i remain dubious.

  10. DIRT HQ

    Downhill Dan, don’t you worry, don’t be dubious. It will all be OK.

  11. Eoin

    Yes Dan it’s just you. I read more quality in the magazine (better paper and articles) and more content for free on the web…

  12. Jamazepam

    Good idea guys! I always look forward to my issue coming through the post. I’ve actually considered cancelling subscription of late, what with recession and all – but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Did singletrack not just go down the better quality paper route as well?

    Anyway, can’t wait to read the lapierre reviews to see who comes out on top! Keep up the good in-depth bike and gear reviews as other mags can’t touch them.

    What about some more training articles? What with this enduro craze happening, would be good to hear from the experts how they train.

  13. Chalky

    Ed/Billy….when is the mag in the shops/at the stockists?

  14. billy

    The mag should be in the shops next week I think.

  15. Robbonzo

    I’m looking forward to seeing the new addition. I would say though that fresh produce and the ‘seleckta’ feature are two things I really look forward to in the mag. Yeah you can see products all over the web but it’s nice to have something to refer back to, in this day and age of info overload and being permanently connected I think a quality mag has a place more than ever before. I also wouldnt have heard about anciolotti or mde bikes without it. Keep up the good work.

  16. sharpy182

    its good to hear.loved the current format,but really like the sound of what’s to come. In a sport the thrives on moving forward its good to see even the guys at Dirt want to roll along with it. would be good to see more tech video aswell… the one explaining all the different freehubs was a great vid. Hats off to you guys.

  17. unleash

    ive been reading dirt since issue 1 and have every single copy but have been considering (although it pains me) stopping ,there seems to have been a serious change in the mag over the last few years ,i feel it has lost the raw straight talking edge it once had and has been replaced with constant contradictions (no names mentioned)riddles,and a my word is gospel feel(no names mentioned).all said the photos still rule.hope this new format is an improvement because dirt had become like an institution to me but lately seemed a little stagnant. p.s awaiting uproar go for ya life i can take it.

  18. ronin

    billy, have you got a poster of all the old format covers i can have for the my bikecave? pls&thnx

  19. Morgan

    Unleash has hit the nail on the head. I started reading Dirt around issue 20-ish; but feel that the last year or so has seen the magazine just become another marketing and advertising tool. It’s got to the point where i
    And while I myself have some massive opinions that I won’t be budged on , I feel for an international magazine the “my opinion is gospel” attitude of many of the articles and reviews is quite patronising. I do beleive that one of your staff printed that “hardtails were dead” – tell that to the 50+ hardtail riders of all ages and abilities I’ve just spent the lat 5 hours riding with! Obviously his head is so far up his own arse it may as well be stuck under a rock!!
    As for previous comments about Dirt “growing up” in terms of content; this is a weak way of ssaying “selling out and getting old”. While there may well be a craze in enduro riding that suits the middle age middle wage market, there are still thousands of 20-30 year olds who read the magazine who no diubt now feel isolated with the lack of DH, Dual/4X and DJ content in the magazine. We’re not all getting old like you guys!!
    OK, time to be a little more constructive here. I’m sad to see the ommision of fresh produce from print, but I can see it makes sense for it to go online instead. However, I’m really glad to hear that you’re keeping the “hammered” format – it’s nice to actually read something a little more in depth

  20. oldbean

    unleash and Jamazepam are echoing my thoughts.

    What has also influenced my thoughts though is the fact that, like MrPlow, my mags arrive here in Australia a month after they’re published! Reading World Cup previews after the race has already happened is a bit of a drag.

    While I welcome the format changes and switch to a better quality paper, if you are going to start worrying about balancing online and inprint content, why not switch back to a bi-monthly mag? This would give me time to actually read all the articles before the next one is arriving.

    Latest news and product reviews online, and less ‘time critical’ articles and great photography in the mag.

  21. jimbo

    CORPORATE PISH TALK mIKE, please don’t infiltrate my brainbox with it…me like bikes and pictures. In my head its you, Joner and Billy messing around in the woods all day, then writing a bit wen u get home…thats how I like to imagine it anyhows

  22. treehuggergraeme

    I for one, won’t be cancelling my dirt subscription any time soon, and neither hopefully will anyone else, love the mag, never get a chance to read it because the mrs is always talking at me when I try, so bigger pictures are certainly a good thing.

  23. jimbo

    Love the mag too! :)

  24. jimbo

    @unleash…I like it when Joner or whome ever say there opinion, don’t want a sanitized mag, and it is just there opinion. could always be wrong…
    Playing around with the graphics is always good in my book.

  25. Dougie

    So this new issue is going to be even better than the last 4 (the best in a while) wow, is there someone new in the office? :-p

  26. Rick

    If you are going more down the online route, it would be great to have a complete archive of reviews.

  27. Nickkkk

    looks truly gorgeous. long live print and the photographer + hack relationship!! :)

  28. churchie

    Got in from a morning ride earlier and new dirt had been popped through my letter box. I’ll admit I was a bit dubious as to how it would be, soon as I got it open was relieved- seems better than ever, didn’t think I’d really notice /care about the quality of the paper but it does make the photos sharper, kinda like HD haha! Also, like others have noted, fresh produce was something I used to like too, but didn’t really notice it was gone, the other articles are great. Didn’t think you could really improve Dirt much more from how it was, but you have. Great work, keep it up.

  29. unleash

    after my rant i purchased the new version of dirt on friday and at first thought oh shit what have they done,if i wanted singletrack mag i would of bought it but on reading it i changed my thinking straight away .really enjoyed this copy and read it from cover to back there and then ,which i havn’t done in ages .well done fellas . dam i hate being nice ha ha.

  30. twoWigs

    Well done, needed to happen. Let’s start to have a collectible, stylish soul of dirt riding again. Let the Internet do the son to be obsolete product pushing, the soon forgotten results and the moving image that it excels at. The hard copies of Dirt should be a proudly guarded book shelf collection, it’s articles referenced and revisted without getting depressed that your forks are two graphics out of date. Issue 1 gave me membership of a gang. But the recent editions became a floppy, splintered spined, remote post-dropping, bike company dating, betrayer of that dream. This is better.

  31. shutter2ride

    really enjoyed the latest issue and I think the changes were all good; didn’t miss the fresh produce and there was more to read in longer articles. Love the articles on Enduro. Too bad my issue was ruined when I left it outside in last nights rain :-(

  32. art fag steve

    Best issue in a long time.
    I like the longer features that offer more in-depth insight than web content, likewise glad to see the racing element more thought out than simple race reports – most of us will have followed it all online and it’s usually out of date by the time the mag comes out.
    Liked the reviews of peoples long term bikes which made a refreshing change from cryptic haikus about top end stuff – always nice to have product to fantasise about, but even better to read about the experiences of more everyday riders.
    Presumably the future is in the web side taking advantage of it’s inherent immediacy whilst the print version gives a more indulgent and thought out view of riding.
    Oh, and more Rod Fountain features.


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