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Dirt Magazine issue #108

Dirt Magazine issue #108

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray







  1. Anoobis

    Is there any chance of a high res pic of the front cover being put somewhere for desktop wallpaper usage? it’s quite spectacular

  2. DK1

    Hopefully this issue will take more than 5 mins to read, more technical stuff please, we aren’t all hippies who want to talk about how MTB’s make you feel and we are aren’t all chavs who want to dig up their back gardens.

    Over and Out D

  3. Steve M

    Dear Dirt mag,

    I would like to commend you on the quality of your excellence. Please do not refrain from continuing to be fucking awesome.


  4. nickyb

    hey dirt,

    Where did the letters page go?


  5. kimbers

    i want a new dh bike

    im looking forward to reading the dh bike grouptest

    and then buying the one with the best paintscheme

  6. ST

    Hey kimbers…its only taken them about 5 years to pull this one together. Can’t wait either.

  7. mekquake

    what is that paper !? will you print next issue on toilet roll ?

  8. anthony

    where can i find that picture of gee smashing that berm? probably the coolest picture i have seen. did sven martin take it?


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