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Dirt Magazine #133 out and about now-ish!

Dirt Magazine #133 out and about now-ish!

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray


On the cover: Garett Buehler and Linden Feniak rip the House Trail at Retallack Lodge, British Columbia, Canada on a dusty, hot summer day. Retallack is known as one of the best cat skiing operations in the world and attracts skiers and snowboarders from around the globe. Now this paradise opens it’s doors to mountainbiking. Issue #133 has a big feature by Riley McIntosh on this new MTB heaven.

Photo: Mattias Fredriksson


Bulldog Spirit. Sven Martin gets into the brain of new TWR rider Brook MacDonald.


BulletProof Talent. BMX legend Kye Forte.


Deep in the interior of British Columbia, Canada a new mountainbike Mecca is being built. Welcome to Retallack Lodge.


It’s North Wales butt innit see? The land of the Athertons, Antur Stiniog, Al Bond, Llangynog, sheep and slate mines, basically the nerve centre of the National off-Road Grid.

  1. Machete

    ooooh is this in the shops now? it’s a bloody long walk for nothing if it isn’t!

  2. Russel

    The Dirt Norco team is amazing but I was thinking if the K9 Industries bike is as good as you mentioned it to be when you reviewed it a while ago, next year you should be the Dirt K9 Industries Team.

    British Mag, British Riders and a British bike you guys have helped test the Norco so surely getting one of the best suspension designs with riders who know what there after and getting K9 on the world cup circuit would be a win win

  3. Marcel

    just found it in the mailbox in the USA – nice surprise… looks like another awesome issue!

    1. Johann

      Don’t tell me that! Switzerland is so much closer and so far nothing! Maybe I have a nice surprise this evening!

  4. Brits

    Just read Seb Kemps article ‘Enduro’. I race enduro and do ok, probably because I raced DH. I did a cross country race for fitness last weekend and got totally rinsed. It was like a different sport! – 29″ wheels, hardtails, carbon everything, lycra, sprint up, on the brakes on the downs. Seb if you think Enduro is a “rebranded name for cross country riding” and “even though really it [Enduro] isnt anything different to cross country”, mate you’re miles off the mark. If you’re gonna write an article like this again, I suggest you enter a xc race first!!!

    1. Marcel

      I think Seb is referring to cross country riding – not racing. Riding, where the emphasis is on the fun downhills & technical stuff and the grind up isn’t a race but gets you to the top for more fun. I think he knows what goes on at an XC race.

  5. Robert

    The random kit black and blue page in the latest edition looks awesome.Looked for the one industries blue shirt everywhere cannot find it im guessing its not out yet,any ideas on when its available to buy ?

    1. Ben Winder

      Robert! I’ve had some trouble finding the shirt too! Here is a very similar one at about half the price! http://www.motosport.com/atv/ONE-INDUSTRIES-PORTLAND-LONG-SLEEVE-FLANNEL-SHIRT


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