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Dirt Issue#120

Dirt Issue#120

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

  1. Tim

    Now there’s a cover shot!

  2. Ben

    Looks good, pity we only just got edition 119 here in Oz a few days ago (I’m a subscriber). Has happened for the last few editions – didn’t realise the boats were that slow?

  3. VonDH

    Dirt a big thank you from me.
    So I start my day with a coffee looked out the window, do i go for a burst down my local downhill? or do a little track maintenance, I decided on the latter. I set off with my shovel saw etc and my Spaniel Blue.
    Gave it a few hours repairing blown out sections filling in heavy ruts ready for the weekend ,for every rut i filled in the dog made 2 more. so if anyone has a nasty off on mnt ash over the weekend, blame the dog.
    Anyway got home dog up to his neck in mud, carried him into the house, spotted the copy of dirt in his shiney grey plastic wrapper,that was placed carefully by the misses on the sofa for me to spot while she went out spending.
    Showered the dog and made a brew,tore of the cover of the mag and what did i see.
    The Adam brayton interview TO FLAT on the cover, BOOSH i went straight to page 72.
    What a fantastic interview from Brayton,nice to see another side of this fella,the fastest electrician on the world cup circuit,got to love this guys sense of humor.Keep up the hard work, its only a matter of time before it will all come together for you.(lets hope you have a accident free year).
    Cheers again Dirt.

  4. Super Al

    I wouldn’t worry about only just getting 119 in Oz. Ive only just got it too and Im only in North Yorkshire. Still Im looking forward to the interview all the same and top marks for the best mountainbike mag around.

  5. Sketchy Lines

    Amping to get this, (New subscriber) cheers to my Girl for a sweet Birthday present..
    signed up for Feb as first issue but you get the one before or something.


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