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Dirt Issue #105

Dirt Issue #105

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray





  1. Ask Frank

    Picked up my copy today and I have to say that the front cover is such a quality picture. Its a real shame that those stickers come wrapped around the cover it just looks awful.

  2. melon

    agreed.. dirt.. please if your’s gonna give stickers away then just have a couple of decent sized ones not the mbuk style things

  3. Spudreau

    Agree with the stickers comments. When you pull off the stickers it takes the spine information with it. That sucks because when you put it with your pile of existing DIRT magazines you can’t see the issue number, month, or contents… it just looks out of place ! I like stickers as much as the next dude, but not at the expense of the dirt cover! Photography/design too nice to do this too.

  4. billy

    I’ll pass your comments on.


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