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Dirt 95

Dirt 95

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray


  1. Lenny duke

    I reckon I could rail that corner on my chopper!

  2. Lenny duke

    pretty cool cover though!

  3. matt

    yeah! Redhill! Great riding spot for anyone (nearly) local

  4. jony

    I would like to brought ASAP this mag.
    How can I do?

  5. tammy

    can’t find dirt mag in tesco, sainsbury’s, asda or morrison’s…in fact, now that borders have gone bust, i’ll only ever buy it if i can make a special trip to my LBC

    this sucks somewhat as my lbc isn’t near my work, and i’m usually diving/riding on the weekends

    come on dirt – sort it out!!

  6. Tom

    Great mag been reading it for five minutes an it’s great
    still trying to enter the awesome comps in it but not having much
    luck. Hey you could subscribe you get it straight to your door with
    a free t shirt awesome value if I say so myself

  7. anton

    anyone else getting abit fed up of seeing Dirt available in the shops before the subscriber copy arrives? Not cool in my book.

  8. Lev

    Got mine today in the post.

  9. Tim

    Anton, that used to annoy me but now that Borders is no more i don’t see it in the shops so it’s less of a problem. One thing that does still annoy me is every copy that arrives has the spine split, EVERY COPY!!

  10. D

    Why isn’t it news item when the new issue is published? You may as well try to get readers of the website who obviously like the content to buy the mag as well – make the most of having a great website!

  11. Brent

    how do i get this to appear or when will it be on the iPhone app of the mag. I rather enjoyed having a dirt mag with me at all times that fits in my pocket

  12. Spudreau

    Got my copy the past Friday here in Canada. Good all around, but where the shit is the Summun bike test already. I guess its no matter anyway as nobody here in the US or Canada is stepping up to import these awesome looking bikes. Anyone news on North American Mondraker importers ?


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