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Dirt 92

Dirt 92

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  1. Tom

    When is this in the shops?
    Will subscribers get this before in the shops?
    Havent managed to get an issue early yet?

  2. Chris

    why do subscribers have to wait when others get it from the bike shop early?? and if you subscribe by DD how come you never get a free t shirt like i used to when i subscribed over the phone ????????? oh well cant wait for the Steve Peat stuff from the worlds

  3. ronan

    i live in france and only just received the trek wind tunnel edition 4 days ago :(

  4. Sakis

    I live in Greece my friend and I still didn’t get the wind tunnel issue. With last year’s subscription things were much better. I am sure that things will imrove though!

  5. Chris

    I keep seeing it in the shops before I get my subscription copy! I had to ring up and get my copy sent to me last month! I will not be renewing my subscirption next year.The subscribers are being let down by this excellent mag.

  6. kusa

    Living in Czech republic so thats between you guys from France and Greece and i have wind tunnel issue for a 2 or more weeks. Every time when they show up a new issues, im getting it in a two weeks. No problems, just one time. and they sorted it quickly and then i had two same issues :D. And its also creazy to see which post they uses..sometimes its came from Swiss and sometimes from Sweden, lol :) Going to make a new subscription!!

  7. Tom

    I doubt if i will subscribe next year either unless things improve! Feel guilty about not getting it from my local independent newsagent who gets it on day of release.

  8. Norbert

    Yeah, I’ve had serious trouble renewing my subscribtion (lost quite a few issues due to it) and yeah the new issue came a bit late. I’m still gonna subscribe as it is not possible to get it here otherwise but please dirt don’t lower the quality of subscription as I’m quite sure I’d buy it in a shop If I could get it earlier.

  9. Andy

    Same here it now hardly ever turns up on time and never ealry like it did, im going to cancel my subscription and just get it on the day of release from LBS i think.

  10. Chris

    not got mine yet, usually about 3 to 4 days after the shops have it which is a bit annoying, maybe its the great shitish royal mail?

  11. Tom

    Not got mine yet either, there are strikes on by Royal mail, but not sure if that is causing the delay?

  12. treehuggergraeme

    Where’s my bloody copy? WTF its october already and i’ve not had my subscription through the post!!! I need my monthly dirt fix, i’m an addict don’t you know

  13. hae ass the mad street fighter

    look sick

  14. Richdirtbiker46

    Wish my copy would turn up when it should have, i’m sure it’s been in the shops for days now. If only the subs left before the whsmith shipment. what is the world coming to when it’s worse to have subs rather than go to town.

  15. Andy

    I’m suprised no one from Dirt has commented on here about the subscritption service and what the deal is these days. Mine still hasnt arrived :(

  16. tammy

    i stopped subscribing to dirt for the very reason that you often don’t get the issue before it’s in the shops!! thought it was just me…

    i also don’t want to pay my hard earned wonga on a “photo issue” or the “gear issue” – they’re boring and a total turn off…simple fact is that with less racing in the winter months, there’s less to write about and i appreciate that, but still doesn’t mean i’m going to pay for an intensely dull magazine..:-/

    a bit surprised that no one from the publishing company has made a comment…must be busy doing market share reports or something!!

  17. Isaac

    I think it is just the postal strikes, all of the post I’ve been getting has been a little late.

    Can’t wait for this issue it looks great

  18. Andy

    How many months have the postal strikes been on for?! This has been an issues for a few month now for me.

  19. Dave

    Mine arrived today.. last month’s was a couple of weeks late though!

  20. chuckie

    Yea, same problem for me. Last issue was real late, had to call and see what happend. Said they would send another issue, never got it. usually issue arrived about a wk after it was posted on web site. I hope it gets better……….

  21. Harrys - Greece

    Hi there from me,
    Still haven’t got the 91st issue and we’re almost in the middle of October.
    This causes me frustration, cause what I had in mind when I subscrided to Dirt was to have the issues early of the month and in the middle of the next month.
    I also hope that isn’t Dirt’s fault though and that everything will improve………

  22. dradiham

    Haha, I agree. Will be awesome to get issue #91!!! But also I´d like to get #92 and further ones I´ve subscribed!


  23. chuckie

    Props to the post! Got my issue 92 today! Hope it stays that way!

  24. Anja PEdersen

    As a regular subscriber for your magazine for the last 3 years I am getting pretty pissed off, this past year, as my copy of Dirt is often up to two weeks later than it is to be found in the shops. I thought the whole point of being of taking out a sub, was that we received it at least on the day of issue. if things dont improve I wont be resubcribing. Hope to get a response from this.

  25. ronin

    this rag and decline are the only mtb rags i get. It’s even harder in the U.S. to get! The wait is usually a month later. great rag though.

  26. Ben

    I just subscribed last month for the first time as it is impossible to get from the shops here. I’ve still not received Oct issue. WTF?


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