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Grime Boss Heavy Duty Hand Wipes

11:21 28th November 2013 by Ed Haythornthwaite


I don’t know about you lot, but whenever I get covered in bike oil and grime I never seem to be anywhere near some soap and a tap. I’m definitely not one of these OCD types who has to be spotlessly clean at all times, but even so if I’ve just been wrestling with a filthy chain I’d prefer it if I didn’t have to spend the rest of my ride covered in oil. That’s where these Grime Boss Heavy Duty Hand Wipes come in. Actually, I’ve already found a whole pile of situations where they prove to be very useful.

Now before I go any further I can already hear a load of you shouting “baby wipes are way cheaper than these”, and as a father of two little ones I am well aware of that, but the two things really can’t be compared. These are much bigger and stronger for one, and they definitely have far more power when it comes to removing oil and the like. I’ve been massively impressed with how clean they get your hands, better even than many hand cleaners that are designed to be used with water, and they do it quickly and easily too. One side of the wipe even has a textured surface to help remove really engrained filth. Despite being so powerful they don’t leave you with hands that feel like they’ve been stripped of every bit of moisture, and that I guess is thanks to the addition of some Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.

Although these wipes are clearly sold as hand wipes, I’ve also found that they work really well if you’re cleaning your bike. It’s amazing what they’ll remove. Because they have proved to work so well in so many different situations I now make sure I always have a pack in the car, and one in a zip-lock bag in my backpack whilst riding. So yeah they might cost a bit more than a pack of baby wipes, but I really don’t think the two can be compared, and even after just a quick Goggle I managed to find these for a fair chunk less than the full retail price. I definitely recommend trying some out.

Price: £2.99 for 10, £4.99 for 30, £8.99 for 60