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2013 Dirt 100: Bos Idylle Rare Air


Bos Idylle Rare Air

Perfection achieved? We think that BOS have come very close indeed with the introduction of an air-sprung version of the already difficult to beat RaRe downhill fork. What sets BOS suspension apart from the rest is the acute amount of detail – every eventuality has been tested, often with the help of a world champion downhiller, and every tiny feature of the fork has been refined and then refined again.

The 2013 RaRe air is no exception; the arch is recessed to save weight, so too the upper stanchions. The adjuster knobs themselves are a work of art, the cable guide is simple and incredibly neat, and even just the glossy finish and the BOS logo itself look amazing. Something that is never an issue with BOS kit is reliability – we’ve used coil RaRe’s for months on end without needing a service, and the RaRe Air is proving to be just the same. Big drop in performance over the coil-sprung version? Not at all.

In fact, the BOS team riders all chose to use these over the coil-sprung fork for the entirety of the 2012 season, and so would we as unbelievably BOS have managed to make these air forks better than the coil, particularly in respect to small bump sensitivity. A truly remarkable pair of forks.


PRICE: €1990.00

  1. Smug b'stard

    Air? No thanks…don’t see too many air sprung MX forks do you? Wonder why? Keep it coil.

    1. Adam

      Hehe . No moto forks with air eh ?? You obviously don’t know what your talking about lol

  2. Bib 4 Tuna

    Smug, contrary to what Chris Porter will have you beleive, comparisons to MX and other powered vehicle is non-sensical, at least when talking about suspension design. Bicycles are not powered by motors or engines but by humans so considerations have to be made for weight and pedal efficiency.

  3. Tom

    Smug. Clearly not seen the 2013 top 450s from Kawasaki or Honda, or seen many of the bikes from this years Monster Super Cross. Hell, have a look at the back end of Ryan Dungey’s bike and you might see it’s more than just forks. Air has come a long way.

  4. Samwell

    Smug, if you have the opportunity to ride both the rare coil and the rare air, I can bet a lot of € that you can not feel the difference between the two.
    It is really easy to do this on a rock shox boxxer, but practically impossible on a bos. I’ve tried both air and coil on an idyle SC (180mm version), and I wasn’t able to see a difference. Try it before talking about it.

  5. nordland

    looking good, certainly a contender against the boxxer wc.. looks like its still 36mm stanchion though so i’d certainly be test riding one first


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