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2014 Yeti Line-up released


The Yeti Line-up for 2014 has been announced bringing bikes to suit all riders, whether you ride XC, AM, Trail or downhill the company have chosen not to go with just 29″ wheels like many others, and are instead offering 26″, 27.5″ and 29″ for next season.

For Trail riders, there is the SB95 series – SB95, SB95 Carbon, and SB95 Comp all with 29″ wheels. As well as the SB75 with 27.5″ wheels. There is also a XC bike, the ARC Carbon with 29″ wheels.

For those that prefer All mountain there is the SB66 series – SB66, SB66 Carbon and SB66 Comp with 26″ wheels, and the 575 with 27.5″ wheels.

And for Gravity and Downhill there are the DJ and 303 World Cup with 26″ wheels.

SB95 Series

2014_Yeti_SB95AC_Profile_TurqThree years and several prototypes later, Yeti brought a 29r that fully embodies what Yeti feel a trail bike should be. With new ‘Switch Technology’ Yeti say provides a crisp ride with efficient pedalling and extra bump absorption: “Our unique suspension design was coupled with a progressive geometry (slack and low) that gives the bike a lively, yet planted feel on the trail. The net result is a bike that climbs extremely well but descends even better.”

With 5″ inches of travel and now available in Carbon the SB95C has “the same progressive geometry, short chain stays, and five-inch travel as its 29er predecessor but wraps it all in a light, stiff high-mod carbon frame.”

2014_Yeti_SB95C_Profile_YllwAvailable in Carbon and  Aliminium the SB95 series offers internal cable routing on the rear triangle, optional build kits and available in a range of materials and colours, the SB95 offers plenty of options for price and riding style.

SB66 Series

The SB66 are an all round style bike, for those who want to hit the trails, but also tackle some harder terrain: “At the heart of the SB-66 is the Switch Technology which combines a super efficient pedalling platform with controlled, smooth travel. This makes the SB-66 extremely versatile and fits the bill for those looking for a do-it-all bike”

2014_Yeti_SB66Cmp_Profile_BlkWith 6″ of travel the SB66, SB66 Comp and Carbon also comes equipped with switch suspension technology and is available in alloy or carbon. SB stands for ‘Super Bike’ and the SB66 comes with 26″ wheels. Prices vary for each model, and the SB66 is available in XS, S, M, L and XL.

2014_Yeti_SB66AC_Profile_LimeYeti 575 & SB75

The latest edition to the Yeti Family, a Trail and AM bike. New for 2014 Yeti are bringing a 27.5″ wheel size to their line-up.

The SB75 features:
• Rear wheel travel: 130mm
• Wheel size: 27.5″
• Aluminum frame
• Colors: Turquoise, Black, Yellow
• Switch suspension design
• 67 degree head angle


The SB-75 features five inches of travel and holds true to our progressive geometry (slacker head angles, lower bb, longish top tubes). The climbing prowess of this bike is rooted in the Switch Technology: super-efficient with great small bump compliance. Turn downhill and the suspension opens up… it works better the harder you push it.

The 575 Features:

• Rear wheel travel: 140mm
• Wheel size: 27.5″
• Aluminum frame
• Colors: Turquoise, Black, Yellow
• 67 degree head angle


The 575 has been completely updated and built around a 27.5” wheel platform. Long revered for it’s impeccable trail manners, the 575’s suspension rate has been optimized to give more support in the mid-stroke and a consistent feel throughout the suspension travel. This gives the 575 even more versatility on a variety of trails.


  1. Matthew Hall

    Any idea on prices for complete bikes?

  2. Con Giacca

    So, the ASR-5/C’s are discontinued?

  3. Kath N Kedan Griffin

    Beautifully built bikes – I have an ASR 5 C – best bike I have ever owned – and I see no reason to change it out

  4. Gabe

    “And for Gravity and Downhill there are the DJ and 303 World Cup with 26″ wheels.”

    Erm. can we hear about them then? You guys got well arsey when I accused you of going all xc on us a few months ago. Now this. Come on Dirt, as I said, when I want to read about xc bikes I’ll read one of the numerous other mags that cover them more than adequately. Dirt used to be the only mag to focus on the gravity stuff. Please don’t become just another MBUK.

    1. David Jaquin

      Gabe – We thought it would be interesting for you to see the full range from a company like Yeti. Mountain biking is growing and changing and with it is the range of bikes available. Gravity and DH bikes are still a big part of this but with suspension and geometry developments you can ride a large proportion of what would historically have been regarded as solely for DH rigs on bikes with less travel. We will be looking deeper into a range of bikes over winter, DH included so there should be plenty more tech to get stuck into. Cheers for the comments.

      1. Gabe

        Hey man. I thought it would be interesting to see the full range too. Obviously the DH rig was the one i was most excited about, and this being Dirt I assumed it would be the one with the most column inches. When it wasn’t at the top of the page, i assumed you must be saving the best for last, so I dutifully read through all the info on the xc bikes. Then realised the article was over. Was a bit disappointed, especially with Yeti’s very unusual rail linkage. I was looking forward to seeing if they would stick with that this year. Glad to hear you will be looking at their DH and DJ bikes in more detail later, but really expected them to take pride of place here.

        As for the capability of xc bikes, yes they have got much better, but so have dh bikes. I’m not sure I agree mtb is changing that much. Just like ten years ago, most tracks can be ridden on an xc bike, but dh tracks can be ridden fastest on a dh bike. No real change there….Im not interested in riding up a hill slowly, just to ride down it slower than I know is possible. I’ll endure pushing up even slower for the fun of bombing down as fast as I dare, knowing if anything is holding me back, its not the bike. Cheers for the reply, I look forward to the yeti gravity article :)

  5. John.

    Glad they got rid of the SB66 that was a proper bag o shite,that cracked if you looked at it the wrong way!

  6. max

    they haven’t got rid of it-they now have 3 versions,alloy,alloy with carbon rear triangle and fully carbon :) they must think its a decent bag of shite eh

  7. gabe

    sb-66 is a lovely bag of shite. heard of some swingarms cracking, guessig they will have beefed that area up for this year (hopefully?) on the ali version, and the crabon ones are totally new. so doubt its gonna be an issue any more…

  8. Olly

    I’m confused. The gallery says the 575 gets 146mm travel, but the article says 140mm. Which is it? (that 6mm makes all the difference! ;-) )