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Winter Digging in Whistler

Winter Digging in Whistler

Dirt Whistler blogger Adam Billinghurst has been busy winter building over in Canada, here’s his latest update.

92 days, 650 laps, over 1 million vertical feet of descending, summer was good in the Whistler Bike Park. Before terrible winter arrived I worked with wood wizard Dave Fortier for WORCA ( Whistler Off Road Trail Association ) building an extension of an existing xc trail.  As far a skinny bridges go I’m not a fan but we made one that I’m proud of.  The middle of the log we planned on using was rotten so we scraped out the rotten wood and found rocks that would fit into the hole then concreted them in.  Not only does it look cool but its functional, no more slipping on greasy wood. We called concreting cheating at first but after walking through the woods for 15 mins with a 55 pound bag of concrete we changed our minds.

  1. nick

    nice work guys – guys out in whistler do an awesome job – truly appreciate the hours the crews out there put in – can’t wait to get back next season!!!!

  2. yann

    Amazing work :) Thank for making BC the best place of earth.


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