The Most Stylish Racers Of All Time

510 stylish racers

The Most Stylish Racers Of All Time

The main objective of any downhill racer is of course to try and be the fastest to the bottom of the hill, but achieving that goal regularly doesn’t necessarily bring you hoards of fans, in fact for some weird reason it sometimes seems to have the opposite effect. On the flip side, if you throw down a run that’s bursting with style then you’ll have fans queuing up left right and centre no matter what your final result was. So yeah, we love a winner, but we perhaps love the most stylish racers even more.

There’s probably a few of you thinking that style is just a trivial thing, and has no real place in racing, but personally I think racing is just as much about the spectacle as it is the result, and so any style thrown into the mix can only help. Sponsors obviously want their riders to have as many fans as possible too, and there’s no doubting that several riders have received far bigger pay cheques than their results alone would warrant. If you’re still doubting the importance of style on a race track then ask yourself who your favourite rider is…and I bet you like them because of the way they ride.

Now you’ve got that rider in your head it’s time to see if they’ve made our selection of the most stylish racers of all time. If they haven’t, let us know your top pick…

Just click below to see our choices, which are in no particular order.


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