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I came across these boxes full of Steve Peat's race jerseys whilst at his house rummaging around in his attic...

steve peat’s race jerseys

Steve Peat is a legend on the British and International race circuit. It was a few years ago now when I was at his house rummaging around in his attic for something when I came across these boxes full Steve Peat‘s race jerseys… there where loads of them.

dirt issue 66 – August 2007

Words by Mike Rose.

Many of them were very old in fluorescent day–glo colours and had the sweet smell of victory still on them (a strange mixture of stale sweat and cheap champagne). I searched through a little deeper and it soon became apparent that this was a real treasure trove, the complete race history of one of the greatest mountain bike racers of all time. So here it is, Steve Peat’s career in all its polyester and viscose multicolouredness.

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