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Run to the Hills: THE RESULTS

Run to the Hills: THE RESULTS

Who took the win in Run to the Hills 2013?


After many cups of tea and countless arguments ticks were put in boxes and the Dirt team cast their opinions, those digits combined with your votes have thrown out the winner of the first ever Run to the Hills fuelled by XS Power Drink.

Team Saracen took the win and were closely followed by Team DMR with the Dirt Norco Team in 3rd with the final spot going to Team Hotlines.


Your winning team for Run to the Hills 2013.


Issue #142 hits the shelves on Wednesday with Sam Dale on the cover.

Run to the Hills was a bonkers week of riding, driving, mud, rain and of course, fireworks. Four teams were pitched against each other and sent off on a road trip that ended at the Dirt office in South Wales. At a star studded screening that was attended by three World Champions and Jim the Pie Man we were treated to the photo slideshows from each team. The winning slideshow was chosen by Dirt staff and after the video guys had cut their film reels into order you were given the chance to vote for your favourite edit.

Here are the winning edits from Team Saracen, Nico Turner was behind the movie lens and our World Cup snapper Laurence Crossman-Emms was in charge of stills.

Winning stuff from Nico Turner.

And the top notch slideshow from Laurence Crossman-Emms.

This months mag is pumped full off Run to the Hills goodness with each team scribbling their week in words and pictures for you all to enjoy. Here’s a snapshot of what you can look forward to.


Laurence Crossman-Emms turned Sam Dale into a very colourful TeenWolf.

Whilst the DMR boys enjoyed a day in the city.


Team Dirt Norco had a interesting approach to their pre ride workouts.


And Team Hotlines decided that mini BMX’s were the way forward.

We also ran a banger of a competition for everyone that voted for their favourite video, each team donated a frame for you lucky lot to win. We will be contacting the winners this week so keep an eye on your inboxes!

Plans are already being thrown into the Dirt ideas mixer and Run to the Hills could well get bigger and better for 2014.

  1. Alex turner

    So stupid. DMR won by Far!

  2. Dave Mckenzie

    Surely this is a joke? I guess Madison are paying big money advertising in dirt lately! Pontless contest Madison last by miles

  3. dan

    Didnt get the whole paint thing. I agree with Alex. DMR was easily the most entertaining

  4. Rich thomson

    Saracen ? I’m burning all my dirts

  5. nikoj69

    Ahhhh, nothing like a bit of virtual backlash.

  6. colin

    If I wanted to read about gimmicky mountainbike crap I woulda bougth mbuk. Cancelled my dirt subscription ages ago anyway

  7. Mason420

    Even the dirt norco 1 was better and dats sayin somethin!

  8. 69steveDH

    Manon is kinda hot sometimes

  9. Cool Story

    well deserved guys, great video.! You had my vote.

  10. Daniel Cussons

    Well these are ridiculous comments with.all honesty Saracen are a good team

    1. dan

      I agree they did a great job with the photos and video. Just felt a bit soulless to me. Didn’t leave me wanting to ride

  11. Jake

    What? DMR!

  12. Marcus

    Dirt norco beat hotlines ?! Norco video made me want to jump off a bridge. Hotlines or dmr should have won.

  13. Chris

    Dirt is utterly crap and it always has been. I’m not talking hyperbole when I say the last issue I bought (from March this year) was roughly 70% outsider advertising, 10% was Dirt advertising products and the rest was about riding bikes.

  14. Ben T

    I hate dirt

  15. Tommy g

    Rachel is way hotter tbh

  16. Calum

    If you hate dirt so much, why are you on the website? fucking trolls ..

  17. Eoin

    Yeah i preferred DMR’s edit too, let’s burn the dirt offices!!!! Oh wait no, i’m not really bothered…

  18. Tom Smith

    Nice one Nico, great vid! See you on the hill sometime!

  19. UroŇ° Langus

    Not that others were crap, but DMR’s video was just so much better. Should have won and team hotlines should’ve been in second place… My opinion anyways

  20. Juan Samwell

    People get some bloody mental eh? I thought it was a banger, as were the others, this one actually got my vote defo made me wanna ride, but i wouldn’t have shit the bed if the others won!

    The great thing about opinion is that no one is right or wrong, if you don’t like it thats a shame but theres no need to be a twat about it. If you don’t like dirts content or this video then might i suggest you don’t read dirt in the future or watch any of their videos.

    If only people got this passionate about real issues in the world rather than “I don’t like this video i watched for free Im gonna go live on the moon!” You just sound a bit pathetic and needy.

    Thanks to dirt and all the filmmakers/ riders for four good ways to avoid work for a bit =)


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