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Run to the Hills: FINAL VIDEOS

Run to the Hills: FINAL VIDEOS

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The time has come and the final videos from Run to the Hills fuelled by XS Power Drink are here! So far we have seen a whole heap of photo and videos goodness from Run to the Hills but now the time has come for the big event.

Even though you are all salivating at the prospect of some top quality video action we have got together a frame from each of the teams to give away to four lucky winners. Stick a vote in for your favourite video and you will be in with a chance of winning one of the following. First name picked out by Jim the Pie Man will get first choice, 2nd out, second choice, 3rd out well you get the idea!

  1. chieften

    The Irish boys had it grand, the other teams seemed to be struggling with the concept of running to the hills…. That said, the episode with least hilly action(DMR) was unfortunately the best one by far.

  2. Eoin

    Saracen and Norco were too much like a documentary about an edit rather than an actual edit, DMR definitely brought on the good times…

  3. goon

    Can i vote without giving you all my details.?

  4. Jack

    Choppers definitely got the x-factor!

  5. Ridel Jabongan

    When the raffle starts?

  6. Faustino Marcaida

    i wish i could win,hehehe

  7. Joel Red

    Well, all good to me personally. Hope i win ^^

  8. Peter Tuza

    It was damn so hard to vote :C all four was brilliant, good job guys!

  9. Matt Sorensen


  10. Lukasz Motyl

    stay true

  11. karket

    Love the ride dudes!!! Great videos…

  12. Piotr Renke

    Team Hotlines made my day! I like their flexibility of their riding and having fun all the time. Ofc Sam Pilgrim is my fav 😀

  13. Andy James

    Laurence all the way with that Saracen footage , superb

  14. Jeremy Gray-Scott

    It won’t accept my phone number. :( Can a Canadian boy enter this contest??

  15. Malachy lyon

    Tbh i really liked Saracens concept and they had fun whilst doing it so they won in my opinion.

  16. flymcg

    Manon and a powerhose. Winner.

  17. Steve Page

    Saracen with Hotlines a very close second :)

  18. Steve Page


  19. jef

    I hope i can win either of the two dh bike

  20. Nikola Bagarov

    All four videos are awesome!The first one is the best in my opinion,because of the style of the riders and all of the effects !

  21. Joe Linden

    If I was Russell Brand, I wouldn’t be voting for anyone, because none of them turned out that good. But especially not the Saracen one.

  22. mark t

    I have voted but want to watch them again but they are not showing up :(

  23. Wayne Bozimus Prime Walker

    Be nice to win never won anything before would be a nice bike for my son and me to build up for him

  24. Olly Moses

    anyone know the name of the first reggae song in the dmr vid?


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