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Rider I-pods Rachel Atherton

Rider I-pods Rachel Atherton

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

What are your top five tunes of the moment? Animal Commencal World Cup rider Rachel Atherton tells us her quintessential quintet.

”The honey roll”- never heard anything like it, also ”If you want Blood” -its the song of my memory lane!

AC/DC…they never fail to make me feel incredible, I cant keep still to them.

Chris Rea ”Road to Hell” (parts 1 and 2!) grew up on it, his voice is mmmm!

DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince ”Boom! Shake the Room” Oh lord, oh ooohweee!

Chromeo: ”Bonafied Lovin’ and ”Mommas Boy ” just dang good tunes. Fancy footwork album makes me dance!

Roxette ”Dressed for Success”…all of Roxette is amazing, grew up on them too, reminds me of going to bmx races.

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  1. Aaron

    Rachel, I lot of us like Roxette, but we don’t go admitting it. Geesh!

  2. chris

    oh dear god, I can’t believe you published this, I can’t believe she let you.

  3. bobtjustice

    ACDC…superb.It was looking good, after that, GREAT….MOTHER OF GOD!!!

  4. MTBcut

    Boom Shake the Room …. YES YES YES!

  5. billy

    I used to really fancy the blonde one in Roxette, what was his name?

    But come on “She’s got the Look” was an absolute classic oh and what about “Joyride”?

  6. Matt

    big respect for Chromeo selection!

  7. Sideways Sid

    Was that a sliding scale of music? ACDC being the Holy grail and Roxette the depths of depression!!! God knows what she’d listen to when she’s in a strop!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. ronin

    maybe when she starts pinning it and ruling the DH circuit again nxt season an updated pod list would be in order. Why did she let u print this and show her weaknesses? +1 for Angus but the other stuff…firewood.

  9. Tepid

    Oh dear, yet another extreme sport person who likes AC/DC. I mean come on, a bit of imagination peeps!

  10. Robin

    Roxette consists of Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle.

  11. oknid

    omg… 😀

  12. Ralle

    roxette…”it must have been love”…rischtischgeil.
    Rachel for President!

  13. Dave

    Hit the Truck I mean lights by Metallica I thought that might of been one of her top 5


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