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Random stuff (fit birds from Moto GP)

Random stuff (fit birds from Moto GP)

Iain Woodley

Yep a tester, dirtmag is now dirtmountainbike and the blog system has changed.  Bit like being back at school now, as i have to submit my homework for marking and if the teacher (Billy) likes it then it gets published.

So unless Billy is Gay i am trying out some photos of Grid girls i pulled off ( bad joke) the internet.

Does world cup racing have Grid Girls ? do they have them at the NPS ?

001That should be two nice ladies from Yamaha, pic might be fuzzy as i down sized it,  maybe a bit to much, then again it’s a tester.002Again downsized so might be fuzzy round the edges.

Reckon i might tap up Hugh Hefner about sponsership for next year, then again if i have these back in my tent i would never make the start line.  Why dosent mountain biking have bunny girls ( yes i know about the mudd bunnies).

So if thackers puts them up :) expect some serious stuff soon and some reviews as well.


  1. billy

    Good work Woodley, top of the class, now get on with some real hardtail assignments!

  2. Ace

    Right that worked.
    Photos downsized a bit too much so expected them to be fuzzy round the edges.
    I guess the teacher liked my homework as they have posted it !

    just google “Grid Girls” maybe put “Moto GP” on that as well and you will see that the camera man seems to favour the ladies with a big cleveage.

    Sort out some serious stuff, maybe chuck in the odd fixie chick pic as well. Hey Sam hill likes to ride one so it’s relevent (bad joke in there as well)

  3. dave

    i’d just like to suggest a search for “Sachsenring Paddock Girls” on youtube

  4. Ace

    Yep i can now second Daves search idea.

    Thought about getting some for this years Hardtail Champs then found out how much they cost each !!

  5. F

    Your just downsizing them wrong !!

  6. Arnold55

    Somehow you are not showing any sceptic attituge towards the bullshit you read from the blogs of the deniers. ,

  7. Maxx58

    Biodiesel Handling and Use Guidelines. ,

  8. redex

    i like it a lot i want to see them


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