Random stuff (fit birds from Moto GP)

Yep a tester, dirtmag is now dirtmountainbike and the blog system has changed.  Bit like being back at school now, as i have to submit my homework for marking and if the teacher (Billy) likes it then it gets published.

So unless Billy is Gay i am trying out some photos of Grid girls i pulled off ( bad joke) the internet.

Does world cup racing have Grid Girls ? do they have them at the NPS ?

That should be two nice ladies from Yamaha, pic might be fuzzy as i down sized it,  maybe a bit to much, then again it’s a tester.Again downsized so might be fuzzy round the edges.

Reckon i might tap up Hugh Hefner about sponsership for next year, then again if i have these back in my tent i would never make the start line.  Why dosent mountain biking have bunny girls ( yes i know about the mudd bunnies).

So if thackers puts them up expect some serious stuff soon and some reviews as well.


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