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How to manual with Steve Peat and Blake Samson

13:08 31st October 2011 by Billy Thackray

The first video in the ‘How To’ series. Steve Peat and Blake Samson guide you through the basic skills to improve your manual skills.

The manual and the whip are the only two tricks I think you need in life, sadly I can’t do either properly yet, but with help from Peaty and Blake I reckon I could crack the manual soon!

(Contains bonus skid tutorial!)

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  1. Dirtybird Racing

    well, im not gunna lie… that was awesome. if you can get peaty in on your half assed video, it turns into a gem quite quickly

  2. Gus

    Ashton Court?

  3. Chris

    Leigh Woods I think

  4. Stooky

    see it really is impossible to make a skid look uncool.

  5. Gee

    “Balance really is the key to the manual” that’s where i’m going wrong then, lack of balance


    What an absolute joke. Im 35 years old and have been riding mountain bikes for 20+ years. Why the bloody hell do I want to see a video on how to do a wheely? Come on dirt this is a bit too MBUK for my liking!!

  7. john fairlous

    @DHLIAM: you obviously need this video because your calling a manual a wheely

  8. Dan W

    ok so all the pointers are well and good and on occasion I can get my wheel up for 3-4 seconds, but got any tips on how I can get more comfortable finding that balance point. My tail bone can take any more hard landings.

    @DHLIAM, the manual is probably one of the most useful techniques u will ever learn whilst riding ur bike. I’m terrible at it so far but every time I ride with someone who can they eventually pull away in sections of trail that they manual through. Also I’m 33 and I am still trying to learn and grow as a mountain biker every time I ride. Maybe u need to open up to a little new school and it might improve ur riding and ur enjoyment of mountain biking, the greatest sport ever conceived.

  9. Daveoooo

    Ashton Court, on the “downhill” section roughly in the middle of the grounds. think the skid is inn Leigh Woods though!