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Regulars at The Forest of Dean | ON ANY FRIDAY

Regulars at The Forest of Dean | ON ANY FRIDAY

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A snapshot of a normal working day in the Forest of Dean, and the riders that go there

The Forest of Dean has dozens of mini downhill tracks, an uplift service (www.flyupdownhill.co.uk) a series of trail runs, a blue run that culminates in a descent more like a giant pump track, cut through’s and single track, a brilliant place to hang out on any type of bike – a microcosm of riding on so many levels. And its got a café.

The uplift gets a huge range of riders riding a variety of bikes from hardtail, trail to downhill. Every week I meet blokes having a day off, shift workers, Dad’s with their sons on road trip’s, pro riders, the occasional crazy mountain bike club, such a variety. This summer the car park has seen unprecedented numbers flocking to the new blue run, forty-five minutes of flat out, the café is being revamped and its buzzing.

Life goes on, whilst Danny Hart will be tanked up in a Vegas club, for the rest of us it’s a case of getting in a ride when we can. A short feature then on….people out riding in the woods really.

By: steven jones

Name: Andy Brown
Age: 38
Job: Run a Kitchen and Bathroom Company
Location: Barry
Bike: Santa Cruz V10

What types of riding do you do?
Mainly Downhill. Bought a cheap Muddy Fox from Costco about 2 years ago to try and lose a bit of weight. Did a bit of trail riding but after upgrading to a Felt compulsion and giving the uplift at Forest of Dean (F.O.D.) a go I was hooked on downhill.
Where do you go usually?
F.O.D. & Cwmcarn usually as they’re both pretty close.
Who do you ride with?
Work Colleague Mark. We both bought a bike at the same sort of time and both enjoy the same sort of riding.
Are you a track builder?
Not yet, might give it a go in the winter when I have a bit more spare time.
Tell me about your bike set up?
Up until recently I was riding a Nomad set up pretty heavy for downhill but I was itching to build my first full on downhill bike. So I bought a beat up 2007 V10 frame. After a new set of bearings, a shock service and fixing it up with Fox 40’s, Saint Gears & Brakes, Diabolus Cranks and a set of 721 wheels, It’s a pretty awesome ride now.
How do you manage without the uplift?
I don’t get to ride that often but when I do I want to make the most of it so I don’t want to waste time pushing up. I could probably do with the exercise although I am pretty nimble for a fat bloke!
What pressure you got in your tyres?
30-35psi usually with re-enforced tubes. I’ve been pretty lucky so far as in 2 years I’ve not yet suffered with a puncture, which is pretty good going considering my size.
Tell me about your week?
Running a business means I don’t get that much spare time. I work all week and spend weekend with my family. I try and cram in an uplift day once or twice a month depending on how busy we are but that’s about it. I do get to ride the Nomad at the weekends though with my daughter on the Tag-a-Long. Strictly family trails only!

  1. Soutie1

    In the back ground I can see a Trek Session 9.9 Carbon.

  2. Daire

    Cool feature! Keep em coming!

  3. baddog

    Yeah i agree. local tracks,local riders. Grassroots.

  4. Hampson

    The trek carbon is there with steve jones i think! Please make more of these, not just in the south either.

  5. ronin


  6. loltroll

    “Bought a cheap Muddy Fox from Costco about 2 years ago to try and lose a bit of weight”

    I see that’s worked out well for him.

  7. mekquake

    respect , mate !
    locals !

  8. ross

    Loltroll dont be a twat. Actually a bit late for that!

  9. gareth

    Well If he’s having a laugh and getting time out of the rat racce then what’s the drama loltroll?!

    Well if you guys are down the FoD most fridays then I may just have to venture off down there myself. Haha been an age since I’ve been on the bike, never mind down there. See you on the trails.

  10. Mez Eldridge - Tull

    Favourite Trails: Cwmcarn and FOD… Good lad!

  11. Neil

    Loltroll, would you say that to his face? Didn’t think so!

  12. Andy

    I like these, although I think you could have asked more than one person.

  13. gareth

    They do mate. I think they go down FoD every week or other week by the looks of it. They must chat to a few at a time and show them later on in the month or something.

    Billy may come on and confirm or deny this.
    Out to you Billy……..

  14. Fat Tony

    No punctures in 2 years jammy git!!!!!!!!!!

  15. loltroll

    Neil – you would be right.. i wont!

  16. aked ahmad

    why dont they sell any curry at this place?

  17. Das Juden Bear

    andy; what spring weight do you run on the bike? i’m 18st and running yellow on the 40s and 600lbs on the rear. but think this might not be enough. be good to know what you spring choice is as i reckon you’re about my weight? cheers.


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