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Frozen Beard by Ben Walker

Frozen Beard by Ben Walker

Ben Walker

Anyone been wondering where American/Swiss/French track builder and Dirt blogger Ben Walker has been the last couple of months?

Well it looks like he’s just been enjoying himself in the snow. Hopefully Ben will give us some inside news on the Champery World Cup track soon. Check out the below:

Sorry for the total lack of blogging on my part. Here are some pics that will hopefully explain why I have not been keeping y’all updated.



  1. Jimmy

    Frozen beard is f*cking awesome! I’m not shaving his winter. Not that I do anyway.

  2. Ben Walker

    The mustache is just a joke. You guys should see my brother’s ‘stache right now. His is ridiculous!

  3. Tim

    They’re great shots, that looks brilliant fun.

  4. billy

    Is that last one Lemmy from Motorhead or your brother?!

  5. sean warry

    some nice shots there mate – ben thinking of heading to Champery area mid june – are the tracks open proper then or we just looking at weekends.. various websites don,t really tell me anything, just confuse the matter – ta guv

  6. Karate Chris

    ok, ok, no-one like a show-off. Apart from women… doh!

  7. Norbert

    I’m really envious now 😉 The lack of powder starts to maniphest phisicaly (or maybe I’m sick because its cold?). Sick photos

  8. Ben Walker

    To Sean Warry, All the connecting lifts are open in the beginning of July. If you come in June then you will have to drive around to the different resorts to ride. It is also good but just not as good as when it is all open.

  9. sean warry

    ben i really appreciate that mate – saved me hours of fustration getting conflicting reports from various websites… will be august now then … keep up the good work boss


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