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Danny MacAskill: How to 360

Danny MacAskill: How to 360

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

You lucky lucky people, Danny Macaskill the bike riding magician is going to show you lot how to do all his favourite tricks in a series of easy to follow concise video tutorials.

First up we’ve got the 360, I’ve bullet pointed the essentials for you to read below and write on the top tube of your frame.

• Go to the South Bank area of London
• Roll along at a comfortable speed
• Push down through the bike getting ready to hop
• Pull up turning your head and body into the direction of the spin
• Tuck the back end up to level out
• As you come around spot your landing and ride out
• Get your mate to film it and become an internet superstar (this bit requires a bit more effort)

(Oh and by the way you can also get your hands on some limited edition tees and hoodies at DigDeep.)


  1. dirt dodger

    tried it, nailed it 1st time, thanks for the tips Danny… hahaaha!¬! my arse!!

  2. billy

    How about you film a yourself learning and conquering the 360? Could be just as inspirational!

  3. dirt dodger

    yeah Billy, i can see it now! inspirational in the way that peopple will say ahum, sod that :-)

  4. ddmonkey

    The older I get, the less inspirational my trips to A&E become.. :)

  5. Morgan

    Aen’t those the steps that were ridden down in the remake of 101 Dalmations? Didn’t Steve Geall do the bike stunts for that film or have I got my facts wrong?


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