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How to Corner:Sam Blenkinsop

How to Corner:Sam Blenkinsop

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

I’ve got my gates dialled with Gravesy now I’m learning corners with Sam Blenkinsop, man, I am so going to rock this weekend up the woods.
This is great stuff, this is what the off season is all about, learning, improving and going faster.

Watch and learn with Blinky.

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  1. nozes

    I was hoping mr. Black-in-stop gave us some tips on how to corner on some wet roots with muddy tires…oh well.

  2. smith

    anyone no the names of the tunes on it?

  3. matt

    if you want to know the song names and watch other yeti videos head over to the yeti website, its all on there

  4. Taylor williams

    has anybody noticed he rides his bike so much different to everyone else . i dno how he holds on sometimes

  5. bad taste


    :catch him whilst he’s shaging a sheep.

  6. Tim

    “has anybody noticed he rides his bike so much different to everyone else . i dno how he holds on sometimes”

    Quite right…

    there is sooooo much more going on he doesn’t tell you ’cause he doesn’t even realize he’s going it…guys like him are so insanely fast and natural that it’s next to impossible for him to explain what he does… notice how is body is almost 90 degrees to the bike in a berm? he’s sticking his ass into the berm, twisting the bike with his hips, literally, and in his case it’s pretty exagerated…but he mentions nothing about that…he’s all over the bike…and probably doesn’t even realize it ’cause it’s so natural to him…what about enter the berm high and leave it low? then you’re set up for the next one way better…? that’s what I was taught…too infantile a suggestion? no…it’s just so second nature to him he doesn’t realize he’s doing it…

    You’d get more from just watching him in slomo…with no verbal direction..

    Rock on Sam!

  7. turn

    this reminds me of that Travis song… called turn… y’know:
    “If we turn turn turn, turn turn turn, we might learn learn learn…”
    on accounts of over use of the word “turn” and for the fact that we’re learning about turning!


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