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HipLok Lite: Wearable Bike Lock

12:15 28th November 2012 by Billy Thackray

The guys at Hiplok have brought out a lighter version of their wearable bicycle lock, the HipLok Lite which weighs in at just over 1kg on our office scales and will cost you just under 45 quid.

While you wouldn’t probably wear the HipLok out on the trails it looks ideal for those times when you pop down the shops on your or nip to a mates house. Or say you’re at a trail centre and just finished your ride, you fancy a cup of tea, your bikes dirty so won’t go in the car just yet, so what you do is grab the lock from the car cycle to the cafe, lock your bike up and have that cup of tea and cheese sandwich safe in the knowledge that your rig is locked from the opportunist thief.

The HipLok has an adjustable velcro waist strap which goes from 24” to a maximum of 44” which should be enough to cope with all shapes and sizes and the chain length is 760mm so long enough to attach your frame to some suitable anchor.

The chain is 6mm hardened steel which has a Sold Secure Bronze Award Security Rating. You get three Keys included if you’re prone to losing them.

If you need a lock to carry around and don’t want anything attached to your frame as you’re riding along then this neat solution could be for you.

It’s available in loads of different colours, so don’t worry if pink doesn’t match your eyes or hair or bike.

When you’re not wearing it you unfasten the velcro strap and lock it through the chain.

Just over 1kg on our office scales, 1025g to be exact.

Comes with three sets of keys and the lock body is steel with a brass mechanism.

I reckon this could become a fashion accessory too and also double up as a Ninja Death Chain if you’re approached at night by hooded hooligans or indeed other Ninjas.


Price: £44.99

  1. hizzle

    Cue trousers fall down as you walk in the shop

  2. huge alias

    possibly the stupidest idea ever. Quick way to a broken back if you crash or get knocked off your bike. Quite simply dont do it if you dont want to make your injuries far worse

  3. Daryl Coulborn

    The idea is it wont break you back as its only secured when worn with the velcro strap, granted it will hurt but compared to the motorbike boys and others that lock the chains aground their waists…thats back breaking territory! (i know the speeds are a little different)

  4. Farmer Giles

    Huge Alias, I take it you’re not speaking from experience judging by your weak comment.


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