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Meanwhile.... In Hebden Bridge....


This is a bit different. No, its different. I’m going to find it very hard to describe so I’m not even going to try. Its starts out in one direction, then goes in a few others. Its got beards, bikes and bones. I doesn’t really tell a story but it does have a narrative… you’re just going to have to watch it to see what I mean.

Vive la différence!


Ed Oxley from great-rock.co.uk goes on a weird and wonderful journey from Hebden Bridge to the dark heart of Accrington by mountain bike.

Bike: On One 456 Evo on-one.co.uk
Lights: Hope R4 hopetech.com

Hair: North West Barber Co northwestbarberco.com/
Natural History: The Weird & Wonderful theweirdandwonderful.com/
Stag mask: Lahki

Beware the call of the Trail Horn!


Blossom by Nick Losse
Come back Life by Kadavar
Smokestack Ligthning by Howlin’ Wolf

  1. Ashab Defacto

    Brilliant, just nothing more to say but thanks.

  2. Glen McNeill

    Best ending ever. Especially since he has a better beard than me, better bike than me, better bike skills than me, better job than me…

  3. packer

    This guy it completely mad. But in a good way yeah.

  4. LemonadeMoney

    Really enjoyed that. Lysergic acid diethylamide maybe should have been credited in the Thanks!

  5. Nelly


  6. Rob Smith

    Top Stuff, you make that stuff in Hebden look so easy.

  7. Tim Goodwin

    Ed never ceases to surprise me… genius video

  8. rob mckee

    a man after my own heart

  9. Tom Smith

    Boring self-indulgent man makes boring riding look boring and tries really hard to be kerrazzeeee.

    1. steve

      Tom Smith well aren’t you just the perfect example of a C*%T

  10. Eddy

    Boring talent-less internet troll tries really hard to atone for failures in the real world by taking to the comments section of an MTB website

  11. Messy

    Brilliant! Loved that…


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