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Fresh Produce: Troy Lee A1 All Mountain Lid

21:00 23rd January 2013 by Ed Haythornthwaite

Quite what has taken Troy Lee so long to come out with a trail lid is still a bit of a mystery to us, especially as everyone has been crying out for one for years, but the wait is now over thanks to this new A1.


To be fair Troy Lee have apparently been working on this new lid for over three years! They didn’t just want stick some of their artwork on any old lid, they wanted to create something from the ground up that was Troy Lee through and through. A key thing that they wanted to make sure they avoided was just to produce a roadie lid with a peak on it. Utmost protection for the modern all-mountain/trail/enduro/whatever you want to call it rider was paramount, and to achieve that Troy Lee have well and truly gone for as much coverage as possible at the rear and sides. Despite all this coverage and exceeding all the relevant safety standards this new lid weighs in at just 320g.

Those we’ve spoken to who’ve been lucky enough to already try one out say that it definitely feels more ‘snug’ than a regular trail lid, like your head is actually in it rather than the lid being perched on top of your head. This might make you think that it’s going to be hot like a full face, but Troy Lee have chucked a whole load of big vents in (16 to be precise) and spent a lot of time making sure that they’re as efficient as possible. Because there is so much coverage at the rear Troy Lee have also had to develop their own unique adjustment system, and for a truly tailored fit you can set the height of this system to three different positions. Comfort is taken on yet another notch thanks to the use of very high quality ‘Nanowick’ lining that contains Coolmax, and the lid will be available in three different sizes so as to not leave everything down to the adjustment system.

Other details of the A1 include an adjustable visor which has a decent 25mm of adjustment and is attached via some suitably pimp aluminium bolts, a filament reinforced liner, and some neat little strap adjusters. Oh, and of course you can’t forget the fin at the back. As for when it will be available and how much it will cost, well, depending on where you live you might be lucky enough to get hold of one on the 4th of February, but by the sounds of it they’ll take a while longer to reach the UK. And as for pricing, that is still to be worked out for the UK but I can tell you that the limited edition Gold Metal Flake Cyclops will be on sale in the USA for $185 and the Black Cyclops version will be $165. So, not exactly cheap, but then again we never expected a Troy Lee trail lid to be that. We’d imagine that in the UK this lid will be POC kind of money, and by the sounds of it there will probably be more finish options available in the not too distant future. We’re sure there will be a few riders hoping for something a little more subtle!

Anyway, here’s a little video that gives you a bit more insight into what went into making this helmet a reality…

So what do you lot reckon? Are you already saving the pennies, or aren’t you fussed?

  1. Kenji Kozen


  2. Anoobis

    Hate to be the first comment and therefore first to say it but I’m not too bothered. I can see the benefits but the speed a lot of riders go these days the chin/face protection of a full face is really helpful. Would be great to see a really breathable full face. yeah yeah the “enduro” marketing name. not a crappy met parachute, another urge archi enduro style thing. If I’m not over concerned on an XC ride then I reckon any old normal helmet is good. If I’m concerned and going proper quick then I want to protect my face as well as my skull. and if you’re riding 40km and climbing 1500m in a day then you want something that has brilliant cooling.

    1. Eoin

      Exactly, many enduro races have full face requirements, so i’m not sure there is a market for this type of helmet. Looks horrible in gold also. Urge’s Archienduro is well good despite looking quite a bit off.

      1. Johann

        I’m afraid Enduro is a trendy word in the industry that will be stuck on as many product as they can. But coming from TLD, a company with a rather racing/hardcore image that is a little surprising.
        Whatever, some real enduro helmets will show up for sure. Urge made it first, but they are in part hold by the same company runnig the french enduro series which is may be 7 years old already. So that’s no full surprise.
        Enduro is still rather new outside France and Italy so wait the market to be large enough and real enduro products will show up.

  3. Alexperry

    Depends on how many pennies ed? I like it though and to be honest and if its quality is as good as the TLDs I’ve owned before then it’ll be a wicked product,,so when’s the review coming and how much :)

    1. Ed

      Hopefully we’ll get our hands on one fairly soon, and as for UK pricing we might even find that out tomorrow, but don’t worry as soon as we do we’ll let you know…

  4. hairy

    Looks tacky imo. looks dont mean everything but this has an air of “look at me” to it.

    1. craig

      yeah even in the other colour way is still looks pretty awful but as is has TLD on it i’m sure it will sell loads. I’ll stick to my £50 Giro Feature

  5. Hancock

    $180 (so £180+ when it gets here) and it’s protection does nothing a £50 Giro doesn’t, all that money doesn’t even come with different size pads.
    I expect better from Troy Lee!
    Speaking of which, when are actually going to see some tech evolution from the helmet makers? Squirt a plastic bucket full of foam has been the norm for pushing four decades now, aside from in-mould construction nothing muc hhas change in that time. How about spending some of those huge mark ups on some development?

  6. ronin

    i think i’ll wait for the Bell Super. i agree with anoobis. real race pace enduro needs a full-face. all these subcategories confusing the safety issue sometimes…

  7. Big G

    I’ll stick to my fox flux thanks

    1. Damian

      Can’t fault the flux, good price and the fit is awesome. Highly recommended

  8. the carsonator

    Looks like a dodgem from the fair. I’ll stick to my poc thanks.

    1. DroppinNeutron

      Dodgem!! Ha

  9. TimBud

    Looks quite a lot better in a more subdued colour:

    Hopefully there’ll be one with a lot more black

  10. Jamal

    stick him in matt black and it will be my next trail lid

  11. Terrid

    Are you going to send it back and ask for one that isn’t covered in vomit?

  12. Stu

    I like it. Even in the gold I’ll certainly be checking it out to replace my flux.

  13. chris-m

    Seems to have some nice features. I hate gold coloured products though and this looks especially “blingy”, which I hate, but the silver version looks far better, IMHO. Would I buy one because it says TLD? Nope. But if it was a comfy helmet and still looked nice in the flesh, then I’d consider buying it. Saying that though, depends if its going to be a silly price!
    I’m actually after a new helmet this Spring and this may be in contention between a Mavic Notch and a Bell Super Mountain (not available until June though, which is a pain!). As always though, it may just not fit, but would like to try one to find out.
    The Urge helmets fit nicely and are quite comfortable, but they’re not perfect by any means. The adjusters (on the All M) that sit next to you ear lobes and sit against your jaw, they are on a 90 degree angle to what they should be, which is very poor design, IMHO.


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