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Fresh Produce: ODI The Machine & TLD Glow In The Dark Grips

15:12 15th January 2013 by Ed Haythornthwaite

Here we’ve got two new Lock-On grips from the originators of the best grip system in town; ODI.


The first new grip from ODI is ‘The Machine’ which is a Maris Strombergs signature grip. Apparently it has been over 25 years since ODI made a signature product, but when the two-time BMX Olympic gold medalist asked them to make some they felt they couldn’t really say no.

The main part of the grip is made up of a very small star pattern which seems to give a little more bite than the similar sized diamond pattern on the classic Ruffian grips. To aid grip even further, especially when pulling up, the grip also has some much bigger raised stars which are meant to sit under your fingers. I suppose these are really just a different take on the Ruffian MX with a little more grip on the standard part of the grip and then a little less agro waffle part. They’re nice and skinny too. We definitely like them and we reckon a lot of other riders will too, especially because Maris requested that they were made a bit longer than usual. These measure in at 143mm wide which is noticeably wider than most other Lock-On grips which come in around the 130mm mark. Big hands rejoice.

Price: £23.99
Colours: Black, Red, Yellow or White


I suppose the other new grip from ODI isn’t technically a new grip as it’s really just a new colour option, but that doesn’t stop us from loving it. For ages ODI’s Troy Lee grips have been one of our favourites thanks to the superb pattern which manages to provide incredible grip along with great comfort, especially for such a thin grip. They really are hard to beat as all the little subtle design touches add up to one seriously impressive grip. If you haven’t already tried some then you really should, and don’t be put off by the price cos we reckon they’re worth the extra.

Anyway, as you can probably see from the photo the new colour option is ‘Glow in the Dark’. Pretty pointless maybe (apart from possibly at the start of a night ride), and not the most practical colour in daylight either, but we still can’t help loving them. Don’t worry if they don’t float your boat though cos there are of course a load of other colours to choose from.

Price: £24.99
Colours: Glow in the Dark, Black, Red, Yellow, Orange, Aqua or White


  1. DrippyHippy

    I know it aint cool but blokes with bigger hands want thicker grips not glow in the dark skinny/longer ones!..or is it just me?
    comments/votes for please

    1. Ed

      I think it might just be you. But there are loads of fat grips out there if you look, but we’ve always found that fatter grips make arm pump considerably worse…and hands don’t get much bigger than Steve ‘shovel hands’ jones.

    2. Leon

      Super star do thicker and longer grips , I suffer with hand fatigue quite badly on big tracks and got these to try and help , can’t say it’s made much difference really though they are very comfortable , the thing is when ur hands are tired it actually feels easier to let go of the bars by mistake now.

    3. Big G

      I’m 6ft 6, have very big hands and have tried all sorts of grip over the years, best one’s by far are ODI Rougue’s. Nice and thick, way better for hand fatigue/arm pump than any skinny grips i’ve used

  2. krissboo

    Have you guys tried the Lizard Skins ‘Peaty’ grips? Comfy,and still loads of grip after a year of riding. Those Superstar ones are good for about a week, then they wear down to pretty much nothing!

  3. alperry


    Seriously dude try some ESI Chunky Foam grips, i used to get really bad wrist / hand cramps etc after an injury and nothing worked, these tld jobbies or any other i tried then i bought a set of ESI’s honestly they are now kitted on all my rides and gives shit loads of grip (wet or dry) , rerally nice profile and they are like an armchair for hands lol. All this but with no loss to feel or responsiveness,,awesome product.

  4. gabe

    Odi’s first signature grip for 25 years????

    Cam Zink Odi Sensus Grips
    Steven Murray Odi Stay Strong Grips

    Am I missing something here?


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