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Fresh Produce: Loaded AmXc Lock-On Grips

19:20 21st February 2013 by Ed Haythornthwaite


We thought we’d pretty much seen it all when it comes to grips but these Loaded AmXc ones have proved us wrong. For starters they look downright weird, and that’s thanks to the unique material which they’re made from. Loaded reckon their patented ‘anti-slip’ compound gives superb grip even if covered in mud, grease, snow or rain. And I don’t know if it’s true but one little birdy told me that US Navy Seals use this magic substance on some of their equipment to provide the best possible grip. Whether that’s true or not I don’t know, but what I can tell you is that the first reactions from anyone who has seen and tried them is something along the lines of “what the hell are they?”, which is then closely followed by something like “actually they do feel really grippy”. We’re yet to try them out properly, but we have high hopes for them.

Aside from the unique compound there are a few other details that are worth noting. Firstly, despite being pretty thin (which we like) these grips seem to offer a good deal of cushioning, and despite the jagged looks they’re even comfortable without gloves. I think part of that is possibly down to the use of a pretty thin plastic core (it’s still thick enough to resist twisting though) which allows more of the rubbery material to be used, and then maybe the material itself has good properties too. At 130mm wide the grips are wide enough for all but the biggest hands, and at each end you’ll find a Lock-On style clamp. The integrated aluminium end cap is a particularly nice detail, and it goes some way to making up for the price which definitely sits at the higher end of the grip spectrum. Oh, and although the grips themselves only come in the black colour you do get a choice of black, red, gold, green or blue anodised aluminium parts. If you fancy trying out some different grips then what better place to start than these.

Price: £23.99

  1. Dave

    24 quid?!?! for some grips!! what is the world coming to.

  2. Ed

    Quite a few grips cost that kind of money actually.

  3. Akira

    This seems quite interesting. Will try them out if I can get my hands on a pair.

  4. Dr Doo-Nuthin

    i think these look alright! i like the change in style looks like its slightly unset and would change positioning for best grip at all times… would love to see a full review on these

  5. FoomanG

    It’s an important part the grips…

  6. steve

    I would try these grips as the compound looks really grippy, however, why, why why, are thin grips better? I am 6ft4″ and have hands to boot – so why do grip manufacturers not cater for us? surely grips should have different diameters for different hand sizes? So i should order an xl frame and and xs grips! I recently tried the troy lee/odi grips..(which receive great reviews)…… suffered constantly from arm pump so swapped back to my superstar xl grips which were only £10. Sorry to rant but i think the industry doesnt always have ‘our’ needs in hand…… sorry for the pun!

    1. Ben

      Agreed… well sort of. Actually I like thin grips but I wish I could find some wider/longer ones.

  7. Karatechris

    It will look like someones stuck turds on the end of your bars! I have odi yeti grips and have never felt my hands slip. Solving a problem that doesn’t exist IMO

  8. App

    @steve, I’m from a similar size buddy,had exactly the same reaction to the odi/tld jobbies and didn’t know what to move onto, tried briefly the renthals which are nice but then i found the ESI chunky grips, super comfy, no arm pump, grippy as, and real easy to put on/off and clean. Search amazon or biketart for them

  9. Alex

    These grips look pretty interesting but I am another gorilla handed rider who also suffers arm pump with narrow grips. My problems have been solved for now using ODI Rogue grips which I find a bit slimmer than the Superstar XL’s. Thanks for the tip on the ESI App.

  10. SX 2

    It seems to me like the here above grips need replacing!

  11. chris-m

    £24 is pretty much the norm nowadays for lock-on grips (excluding Internet based companies like Superstar), so I wouldn’t say they’re expensive. I mean, normal non-lock-on style grips are at least £10-£12, so with the extras, £24 doesn’t sound overly expensive.
    To me, the grips look a little like Moto foam, with their Swiss cheese looking form. Looks an interesting design, but sadly I prefer a little bit of a chunkier grip like my favourite ODI Rogue. Maybe if they made a thicker version? I would consider trying them.

  12. Gabe

    those look awesome! Id be interested to see a long term test re:the durability of those little nobbly bits but i reckon they look well comfy. Do they/will they do a non lock-on version? Don’t really get the big hands=big grips thing. I wear a size L glove. Still find the more closed my hand is, the less arm pump I get. I swear its a direct correlation. Id have grips the same size as an AA battery if they could make bars strong enough and it didnt bruise my palm too much having such a tiny contact point.

  13. chris read

    They look a little like the grips that I think Ed wrote about in a “hammered” piece, that mice had got into his shed and chewed all the rubber off. said that the remaining pattern was nice a grippy.

  14. g

    I had a pair turn up at the house today. They do look a little bit odd but grippy doesnt come close to describing them. Thin but also nice and supple.

  15. ..

    they look like theyd take your skin off if you did slip.

  16. Nojzilla

    look like a gnarlier version of the Primo Josh Stricker signature grips, bloody good grips for hot sweaty gloveless hands


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