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Fresh Produce: Eclipse Inner Tubes

16:05 6th December 2012 by Ed Haythornthwaite

Apparently these insane inner tubes have actually been around for a while, but because there’s currently no UK distributor they’ve avoided our radar. We were tipped off about them by a guy from Fox suspension who’s been using them for over a year and he now won’t use anything else. At just 69g for this 26″ 2.25-2.6″ tube the word ‘light’ doesn’t really do these justice, they almost feel weightless. The fact that they’re completely see-through and don’t appear to stretch just makes them even more bizarre.

With such an incredibly low weight these are lighter than even a tubeless setup, and of course you get the convenience of an inner tube, the ability to run whatever tyres you like, and no need to worry about burping. I can now hear you all screaming “but what’s the bloody point if you’re going to get a flat by just looking at your bike”, and I know where you’re coming from cos like you I gave up trying to save weight by running skinny tubes after the first attempt, but believe it or not independent tests have proved that these are more puncture resistant than even a heavy weight tube! That’s for both snakebite and penetration punctures too. Chris, the guy from Fox, reckons that he hasn’t had a single flat in all the time that he’s been using them, and before you ask he is a ‘proper’ rider. If you do somehow get a flat then the tubes can be repaired using special adhesive patches which you simply stick on.

Aside form the crazy low weight and great puncture resistance Eclipse also reckon that these tubes provide very low rolling resistance and increased grip when compared to a regular tube. In fact they reckon performance in those areas is on a par with a tubeless setup. It all sounds pretty incredible, but what’s the catch? Well it has to be the price which seems pretty steep for something that on the surface seems so simple. They are made in Eclipse’s Swiss factory which must go someway to accounting for the cost, and it has to be said that even the valves ooze Swiss quality, but are they worth it? Well we’ll only be able to give you a definite answer to that question once we’ve tried them out for a decent amount of time, but if they prove to be as good as we are hearing then ‘yes’ could well be the answer. After all, many riders are prepared to spend large sums of money on shaving off relatively small amounts of weight, often with performance compromises, whereas these tubes shed a fair old chunk off in the most important place and might even offer a performance gain. Could these be the next secret weapon in your race arsenal? What do you lot reckon?

Tubes: €49.00 each, available in a wide range of sizes.
Patches (x5): €12.00


  1. Matt

    If the prices come down (which I’m sure they will if they catch on), then these really could be a pretty big thing

  2. Downhilldan

    I’m in but not at that price

    1. Leon

      Same here , I was expecting maybe 15-20 quid , I could live with that , just…

  3. Chris Kimberley

    could they make see though tyres as well? !

  4. Hancock

    Nearly 150 euros for a pair and a spare, that’s… really quite a lot of money.
    If they work as well as Mr Fox reckons then they might be worth more than a tube, but not more than a pair of nice tubeless tyres and the setup and spare parts all at once.

    1. Hancock

      Okie dokey, at current exchange rates, for three of these and some patches you’re looking at £128 sterling, before delivery.

  5. Christo

    Right tempted. Expensive, but sound well worth it.

  6. Muska Pereira

    Well if this is all true and the prices lower a bit, those things can be game changers!

  7. me

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA……49 of your english type pounds???? sorry gents, but as the owner of a bicycle emporium, i would not have the stones to ask a customer 49 packets of skittles for a tube, let alone those pound things!!!

    OK, if they become well proven then who knows…..but jaysuses…..

  8. gibbon

    Bit early for April fools,no?

  9. Jerome

    super nice, but would be super annoyed if i punctured with them for that cost!

  10. GeeTee

    @Me – the price is in Euros so maybe they will only cost around £40 each? Bargain no?

    I’m trying to think of a reason not to like them, other than the price, but I can’t think of any. The only issue with your write up is that it’s not the proper riders that are really going to test them. It’s the clumsy oafs like me who weigh 100kg+ and have as much finesse as a shit in a sweet shop.

    1. wee_jase

      i just have to say that the above comment made my day.
      i too have the finesse of a shit in a sweet shop!
      40 sniffs for a tube? no thanks.

    2. Zero Cool

      WOW! You’re certainly have a way with words. But I agree :-)

  11. Will

    Foss make a tube that is admittedly heavier by quite a bit (160g) but is also cheaper by quite a bit – £20 a tube.I Am 13.5 stone and not a shit rider, bordering on proper, but have not had a puncture with them on the trail bike in the 18 months I have been using. A certain atherton brother also uses them for enduro rather than running tubeless.

  12. Arturo_Bandini

    Hopefully they could fix the massive problems from after the market launch. Nearly all tubes in this early production stage had really nasty problems like micro porosity and shit like that.
    Just checked the IBC Thread again: Still problems and lots of angry customers. Buying that product seems to be like gambling. You never know what you gonna get.
    Other than that: You can save around 120g compared to a conventional tube for 50-5=45 quid. That’s actually not too bad.

  13. Betsie

    Lighter than tubeless…. no.
    No Tubes rim tape weighs 3g and the valve around 10g, if my maths are correct, that is 13g, and last time I went to school 13 was less than 69!
    The price is just ridiculous too.

    1. hans brix

      You’ve got to take the sealant into account tho. The wee stans bottle I used was 2oz (57g), so add that to the valve @10g and that makes 67g. (You’d need rim tape for both setups.)

  14. Nug

    @Betsie, factor in 2 cups of sealant as well…

    1. Betsie

      You are right, you need some sealant, never needed 2 cups though, tried more once, felt horrible off drops of 10ft and more and on doubles of 30ft and more I could feel it sloshing around, so now I run only a small amount with no issues.

  15. Pedro

    They really look perfect on paper, but not for that price.
    100 plus € for tubes?! Not for me….

  16. battlestag

    Bit weird selling a patch kit with virtually puncture proof tubes. Guess its like having life boats on an unsinkable ship. I’d expect those patches to be included in the price of a tube for that.

  17. Adam

    £50 for 2 and i’m in, £100 for 2 and i’m out.

  18. Darren

    Ooh think how much weight you could save if you ditched the valve caps

  19. MB

    I try these tubes a few months ago. DH bike with Conti Barons 2,5., Maxxis HR,
    after a few weeks i have very small punctures on the side of the tubes. comes def. not from riding.No rubbing signs.No snake bits. The “special adhesive patches” do NOT work.(longer story) this was an experiment for me. I would not do it again !

  20. Phill Goodrum

    Try FOSS tubes same thing but cheaper.

    1. le jacques

      … yeah, you can buy FOSS Tubes for 15€ but they are 160grams and not 70g like eclipse. Check out the video:

  21. Tim

    4 years on a range of no name cheap tubes, no punctures. That said I went tubeless anyway but for different reasons. Weight is lower than this option as I’m using tubeless ready regular tyres, not heavy ust, but the tubeless benefit is in the low pressure and properties of such a tyre set up over rocks and roots compared to a more rigid one.

  22. Trigg

    Sounds awesome for ravin

  23. Keith Brock

    Lower weight with lower pressures but with no burping like you would expect from a tubeless set up would have me a happy camper, if it does all that they’re claiming then I’d be a fan for sure…..do Dirt want to give me a set to test???

  24. Matt Evans

    Are they thorn-proof? somehow I doubt it. I couldn’t get my cheap OEM DT Swiss wheel set to seat a Nobby Nic with a ghetto setup so I threw some sealant into the tubes – a bit heavier sure but haven’t had a flat since

  25. Wbubwubwubwub I'm dubstep wubwubwub

    49 squids you say?

  26. jimbo

    HOW MUCH! Christ, you will be telling me that you can buy customised saddles at outrageous prices next. I wince enough at the thought of a new tyre costing £45 let alone an inner tube.

  27. Matt

    I cannot see how a tube that does not expand to give grip.

  28. redride


  29. Filipe

    Good apearance, but if Your price are 49 R.M.B also is expensive. Your Co are dream with the easy money. Adeus.

  30. Philphy phil

    49 queens heads? How about suck my plums and then give me some of that crack you’ve been smoking !

  31. tombrown

    I’ll buy them when they do the matching see-through tyres

  32. James Russell

    Fifty quid for inner tubes? Hope they DON’T make tyres.

  33. RabtheDug

    they can be found for £36.06 each on line

  34. RabtheDug

    Quick Gander on line, wee bit of Physics show a gram on a 26″ wheel is the equivalent to between 1.5g and 3g when rotating at its edge.

    I use Conti’s 26X1.75-2.5 Presta, weighed at home 208g, cost £3.09

    These fancy inners weigh 69g and cost £36.06

    That’s 139g lighter and £32.97 more expensive.

    On the wheel rotating mass difference is between 208g and 417g lighter than the conti’s.

    You need to spend mental money on wheels to see a difference like that.

    cost per gram saved on these inners= 8-16pence per gram

    cost per gram standard wheels to carbon*= £1.10 – £2.26 per gram

    It all comes down to one thing, are they as durable as they say? looking forward to dirt feedback.

    *wheels compared at RRP, Easton Haven MTB with Easton Haven MTB Carbon.

    also: Mayan xxxtra hot habanero picante sauce is the best.

  35. MB

    I try these tubes a few months ago. DH bike with Conti Barons 2,5., Maxxis HR,
    after a few weeks i have very small punctures on the side of the tubes. comes def. not from riding.No rubbing signs.No snake bits. The “special adhesive patches” do NOT work.(longer story) this was an experiment for me. I would not do it again !!!!!

  36. Mike

    The cost cannot be justified. No matter how you look at it there simply cannot be any research & manufacturing costs that approach the breathtaking retail cost of these tubes! This is astonishing profiteering!!!

  37. nike blazer

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