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DirtTV: Llangollen - British Downhill Series


Kapow! Some Gee Milner gold from the BDS in Llangollen last weekend has just popped out the pipes. This video pretty much sums up everything I love about racing, good fun edit!

PS. Make sure you watch it to the end, there’s a nugget of gold for you to find!

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  1. Daryl

    so… not sure if this is just me but….. the commentary is cut out. just music

    1. Skud

      I could hear commentary through the right speaker only. Still…..good to see a film maker who gives us proper footage that captures the spirit of racing, and not just plonking a camera on the ground to film 10 mins of boring slowmo. Also proper music – Appreciate it Mr Milner!

      1. daryl

        ha, that explains it. my headphones at work are jacked and i only have one ear. Haven’t had that issue until now.

  2. Messy

    “fucks sake… I’m actually getting fucking stressed!”. Gold.

  3. Cord

    Al Bond looked fookin pinned! And loving the stressed kid!!!!!!

  4. Benjamin Bartholomé

    loving the relaxed and fun tone of it, so tired of all these super serious dubstep slowmo edits… Bring back Alex Rankin and his Earthed saga! haha

  5. Gert+B.+Fobe

    Again, wassup with the al bond media blackout?


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