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09:30 30th January 2010 by James Renwick

The e.thirteen device has been remodelled for 2010 and we really like the new set up. Whilst it doesn’t feature any huge innovative design it does pull in on a lot of the best ideas from other manufacturers and delivers them with the e.thirteen quality and styling we have become accustomed to. They have increased the protected area on the underside of the guard and the device is a lot more user friendly for installation. A good, solid chain guard.

Silverfish 01752 843 882
www.e13components.com, www.silverfish-uk.com


  1. Morgan

    Only problem is fitting it to 3-piece bmx cranks. the mounting bolt on the crank arm fouls the back plate of the chain device. Adding crank or bb spacers means the chainring sits too far outboard to run in the top or bottom guides. The guides can’t be spaced out because they’re (in effect) intergral to the back plate.
    Otherwise It’s a damn fine product

  2. Maximilian

    While I don’t question the quality of these products, I need to speak my mind and say that chainguides are the most overrated products out there. 120 Pounds for a piece of drilled/cut aluminum, some bits of plastic and the matching hardware. You’ve got to be kidding me! On all the high-price chainguides that I’ve used until know and didn’t come as OEM spec with a certain bike there was no way to avoid a trusty file for a decent fit. I almost broke my neck “thanks” to a brandnew SRS that was installed as the book said but just didn’t work. Anyhow, it’s good that there are some more sensible priced guides nowadays and I have a good feeling about what Gamut are doing, even though the price is still high. By the way, a not-so-trendy Boxguide has never failed me…


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