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15:43 13th November 2009 by Billy Thackray

On his day Sam Hill is the fastest man to have ever swung his leg over a downhill bike – without question. So is it all down to the rider? Well not entirely, Sam is pretty switched on when it comes to bike set up and developing a frame package; developments which unfortunately Iron Horse never really made full use of. Thankfully Specialized are more astute and the new Demo 8 takes in a lot of the tweaks (but not all) that Sam and team mate Brendan Fairclough have made to their bikes for the ‘09 race season. The result is a bike with good angles, a stable and low ground– hugging bottom bracket that sticks the bike to the floor through the turns, and a very
capable rear end that deals with all manner of abuse with ease, yet remains super plush over the small stuff.
The top of the range Demo II comes with a great build; World Cup BoXXers, 750mm wide bars, direct mount stem and custom Avid brakes made up from an Elixir lever and Code callipers. At a touch over 38lbs it’s pretty much on the money weight wise and the rear suspension is of the highest order. Like the Iron Horse Sunday, expect to see plenty of Demo 8’s on the hillside once these hit the stores.

A solid, performance package.

£3,999.99 (Frame: £1,999.99)
Specialized 0208 391 3530


  1. Chris

    Its nice but will they sell it in Green

  2. Eugene Bolack

    Now they’ve dropped the BB the head tube is too long (bar position too high) on the small for anyone under 5’9′.

  3. Hugo

    How tall is Hill?
    he apparently ride a medium frame with a large size top tube, presumably giving longer wheel base and the fact that he can stay “in the bike” more and ride it like his jockey style

  4. Billy

    Just wondering what they didn’t change as far as tweakage compared to sam and brendan’s bikes?

  5. Guitarhero

    Sam and Brendan run a 150mm rear end, production frames are offset 135mm

  6. Taylor williams

    3 words … i want it

  7. chris

    all of this is largely irrelevant as Specialized UK barely accnowledge that downhill racing exists and will probably only import about 20 of them.Great company, great bikes but the UK branch are so ‘road-centric’ it’s untrue; this is after all the company who didn’t intend bringing the SX Trail to the UK because they could “see no market for it”!!???!!!?!

  8. James

    Revenue man. It’s true that they’ll make all of their money from £300-hybrids… The adrenal-gland end of two wheel sports makes miniscule amounts of money for the big companies.

    For the record, Hill’s about 5’9″ to 5’10″ (smallest rider in the top 10), and the front end is actually lower than last year as well.

  9. Eugene Bolack

    “For the record, Hill’s about 5′9″ to 5′10″ (smallest rider in the top 10), and the front end is actually lower than last year as well.”

    But the BB is 20mm lower. Even with internal headset cups the same head tube length as the medium (120mm) is too long. 100mm on the small Enduro with a 10mm higher BB and without an upper fork crown…..

    Look at the Summum for the correct head tube length on smaller sized bikes.

  10. Olly

    Got it, riding it and it is pretty special! Specialized UK are testing the water this year and will have more going on in 2011 for the gravity market! They are road centric in how they import certain bikes but they are opening there eyes and if you want more Demo bikes or SX trails and what not you gotta get your voice heard at your local dealer!
    They are listening and hopefully they’ll get the whole Specialized Gravity range in the stores for next year.
    Oh and this year, complete bikes will be thin on the ground and frames available now and more dropping after Crimbo with limited edition green Monster Energy ones in March! Oh yeah, the ones they had at Schladming!

  11. Heavyp

    Olly how true is your comment about the green machine dropping in march ? are you giving us false hope ? haha

  12. Olly

    They sure are, really limited so get yer orders in!!!!

  13. Billy

    is it true that sam runs a custom long top tube?

  14. Andrea Sere

    Hello there , let me say to Specy
    How do you immage it ? a stronger big hit or a Demo 8 whit a longer run ?

  15. Andrea Sere

    Hello there , let me say to Specy
    Please give back 2011 demo 9 .
    Give to the racers the Sam Hill demo 8 but for the normal people the new demo 9 is that we need.
    How do you immage it ? a stronger big hit or a Demo 8 whit a longer run ?

  16. Josh Lambert

    This is the future in DH bikes… the pros created it and they ride it so it must be pretty awesome. I just bought this bike from my local shop not too long ago and it feels way different than last year’s demos and the years before that. It blows any other DH bike ive ridden out of the water by far! One of the best bikes on the market if not the best and there is not one weak link about it: it corners like a beauty, shreds steep terrain like its nothing and overall makes you a faster rider. I would recommend this to everyone, dont think twice about getting one and you wont regret a thing.




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