Dirt 100

Suspension: FOX 36 VANILLA

Suspension: FOX 36 VANILLA

The performance of these forks is so good that it’s fair to say that they outperform many downhill forks. With 160mm of travel on offer they are of course more than capable of tackling downhill runs, whether it be in the Alps or just messing around down your local woods. If you try a pair you’ll soon find yourself questioning yourself about whether you really do need to be running triple clamps. The air Float and Talas versions do come incredibly close performance wise, so if you want lower weight or travel adjustment go for one of them, we recommend them just as highly. All the forks are available with a choice of RC2 or R damper, with the later just having rebound adjustment whilst the RC2 also gives you low and high speed compression adjusters. It takes time to get the RC2 working any better than the R, and there’s more chance of getting a bad setup, so unless you’re willing to invest that time we’d recommend going for the simple R.

Price: £589.00 (R), £689 (RC2), £699.00
(RC2 1.5”)
Mojo 01633 615 815
The performance of these forks is

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