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Rolling Stock: SUN MTX

Rolling Stock: SUN MTX

Wheels and tyres are without doubt oneof the most important parts on any bike, swapping from one set to another can completely transform a bike. out of the two, tyres are possibly the simplest choice, but even hen you’ve got a whole load of decisions to make. Every tyre is compromised in some way, whether it be low weight vx. puncture resistance, or grip vs. rolling resistance. making that decision about where to draw the line is a bit of a personal one, but the following tyres are ones that we feel get that balance right in certain conditions.

As for wheels you again have to decide about weight vs. durability, but then you also have to choose between soe off-the-peg ones…or building a custom wheelset. It’s difficult to say which is better, as you can get good and bad examples of both, but what we can tell you is that if you choose any of the following products you won’t be disappointed.

Deemax’s might be the strongest pre–built DH wheelset we’ve ever used, but the title for strongest rim goes to the 34mm wide Sun MTX. Steve Jones in particular seems to go through an awful lot of wheels here at Dirt, and yet he’s had a pair of these on his bike for almost two years now, and despite a whole load of spokes going walkabout during that time the rims still remain true. We can’t think of any other rim that has survived such a Jones beating. If you’re hard on wheels then these rims are worth every penny.

Price: £39.99
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