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Wheels and tyres are without doubt oneof the most important parts on any bike, swapping from one set to another can completely transform a bike. out of the two, tyres are possibly the simplest choice, but even hen you’ve got a whole load of decisions to make. Every tyre is compromised in some way, whether it be low weight vx. puncture resistance, or grip vs. rolling resistance. making that decision about where to draw the line is a bit of a personal one, but the following tyres are ones that we feel get that balance right in certain conditions.

As for wheels you again have to decide about weight vs. durability, but then you also have to choose between soe off-the-peg ones…or building a custom wheelset. It’s difficult to say which is better, as you can get good and bad examples of both, but what we can tell you is that if you choose any of the following products you won’t be disappointed.

If you’re after a bargain wheelset you can’t do better than these ones from Nukeproof. At the heart of them you’ll find some good quality and fully serviceable cartridge bearing hubs, which are then laced onto Sun rims using DT spokes. There are three different versions available, XC, FR (pictured), and DH. Each come with a suitable high quality rim from the Sun line–up and then the hubs are also tailored for the job. The XC set gets QR front and rear, the FR comes with a 20mm front and QR rear, and then finally the DH wheels have a 20mm front and a 150x12mm rear hub. Like we said before, these are nothing less than an absolute bargain.

Price: £199.99 pair
Hotlines 01313 191 444

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