Dirt 100

Dirt 100 2014 – Shimano Zee Rear Mech

Shimano’s Zee range is impressive, and it comes in a fair chunk cheaper than Saint.


For those of you that don’t know, Zee is Shimano’s cheaper alternative to Saint. In general you get less features, a bit more weight, and not quite as fine a finish. Nothing to write home about I hear you say. Well if you haven’t got the money to stretch to Saint then it probably is something to get excited about because it’s still a very impressive groupset, but if there’s one bit of it in particular that stands out it’s this rear mech. It’s Shimano’s cheapest short cage mountain bike rear mech, yet it still features the all important Shadow+ chain stabilizer. The only thing it lacks compared to the Saint version is the ‘mode converter’ for switching between narrow and wide ratio cassettes, but we don’t think that’s an issue. For any 1×10 setup, whether it be trail or DH, this is the smart choice.

PRICE: £69.99

Photos by Andy Lloyd – www.alpictures.co.uk