Dirt 100

Dirt 100 2014 – Rock Guardz Mudguardz

Rock Guardz Mudguardz – great carbon mudguards that are handmade right here in the UK. We love them.

Rock Guardz Mudguardz

Back in the mid 90’s almost everyone ran a front mudguard of some description, but then the fashion police seemed to put a ban on them. What a stupid move that was! Anyway, thankfully we all seem to have come to our senses again and realised what a difference a well designed one can make. Talking of design, it has to be said that the latest offerings not only work better than mudguards of old, they also look a whole lot better too. Our favourite of the current bunch are definitely these carbon ones from Rock Guardz. They perform the best, look pretty fancy, and perhaps best of all they’re hand made by a bunch of guys in their sheds right here in the UK. Either the short or medium version seem to be the favourite around these parts.

Price: Short £35.50, Medium £45.50, Long £49.50


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