Dirt 100

Dirt 100 2014 – Maxxis Beaver Tyres

No 29’er rider should be without a set of these tyres in their armoury.

Maxxis Beaver

If we’re out on a 29’er in damp or intermediate conditions then a Beaver is our trail tyre of choice, they can take pretty much anything we throw at them. The low profile knobs might not appear to be up to much, but it’s incredible how much grip they can provide. In the past we’ve had to make sure we run them at a decent pressure, partly because of the fairly low volume, and partly because the sidewalls are on the light side, but a new 2.25” version features a beefier casing alongside the extra volume. Of course that tyre isn’t as impressive in the weight stakes so you’ll have to decide what matters to you most, but we love both tyres.

Price: £32.99

One Industries Europe 08446 928 111

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