Dirt 100

Dirt 100 2014 – Five Ten Impact VXi Clipless Shoes

Skate shoe styling with disco slipper weight, and a massive range of cleat adjustment. It’s no wonder we love these Five Ten Impact VXi Clipless shoes.

Five Ten Impact VXi Clipless

It’s fair to say that Five Ten’s first efforts at clipless shoes weren’t exactly anything to write home about, but these latest ones are. Firstly, and we think very importantly, these shoes are incredibly light for a shoe of this style. Most skate shoe styled SPD shoes weigh a tonne, but these manage to give even the lightest of XC ‘disco slippers’ a run for their money. The other thing that we love about them is the range of cleat adjustment. With these you can run your cleats slammed right back without having to hack your soles to pieces. Why everyone didn’t offer this years ago is still a mystery to us. Other highlights include a super sticky ‘Stealth’ rubber sole that will help save you in those dodgy unclipped moments, decent levels of protection from both impacts and the elements, and a generous strap across the top that helps keep your feet locked in. We love them.

Price: £140.00


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